My g3 keeps freezing!!!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by FF_productions, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Apr 16, 2005
    Mt. Prospect, Illinois
    Ok, first off I'll show specs:
    400 mhz POWERMAC g3
    Running OS 10.3.9
    512 mb's of ram
    64 mb video card
    one 12 gig drive, one 120 gig drive

    Is it normal that this machine is freezing when I'm just running iTunes and Safari and iChat at the same time? Should I re-install the OS? I'm using a wireless adaptor for the internet, but it always connects and is working, but Safari doesn't respond at times (for example, It will partially load, and just not respond, even if I press on different websites that are bookmarked like eBay) When listening to iTunes, the song will just start skipping (It's music from my music folder, not a cd), and the mouse will just freeze, and I'm forced to restart the computer, again and again and again..I can't even count how many times this computer has froze...With the upgrades I've added, I would have thought surfing the internet would at least be faster, and not freeze...If anyone can offer some help that would be great..

    OK..Semi-Fixed the problem..I have a d-link DWL-122 wireless adaptor that has been screwing up my computer, it seems when I attach computer directly to router, the computer never freezes...I also did a search in the forums about freezing, and it seems that this adaptor has been the problem...

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    Oct 20, 2002
    I happy to hear that your problem is fixed FF_productions. You also might want to consider increasing the RAM, will notice a increase in speed of your iBook.

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