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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by BeyondtheTech, Apr 23, 2015.

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    It looks like Apple wasn't the only one who late or slow to supply demand. While the WATCH begins to trickle to users as early as tomorrow, many of these stands, docks, cases, and other accessories have release dates from mid-May to June and July, and others still have "coming soon" or are crowdfunding campaigns that historically have slipped from their proposed or estimated production and release times.

    Early bird gets the worm, so the longer it takes for these manufacturers to come out with something, the less of an edge they will have to get that customer, especially when we're already impatient to get our WATCHes.
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    what do you really expect? manufacturers of accessories don't even have actual units to test their products with. it would be very risky and potentially very costly to go into production with an accessory before testing it with final hardware. Only makes sense that accessories don't show up until after the product is released.

    If you have a problem with it, blame Apple... they are the ones who don't give out early units. Same reason probably 90% of the first round of apps are going to suck. none have been tested on actual hardware, and using a simulator can only give you an idea of what the app will function like.
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    Thanks Ralph

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