My GUI-only convoluted way to install Bootcamp in Macbook using WinXP Upgrade CD

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  1. alegoje macrumors newbie

    Sep 9, 2006
    I am a Mac noob and in addition I don't know code, don't use the terminal and don't like to use it. But I can do many things the "regular" way, installing and uninstalling using the graphical interfaces.

    So, when I wanted to install WinXP in my Macbook I was faced with the problem that most instructions to do it with the WinXP upgrade CD meant typing code -> not good for me.

    What follows are the general instructions for people that don't like code, and that have access to various operating systems. I know it's convoluted, not elegant but hey, it's free and worked for me. :)

    Again, these are general rules for you to know the logic and not a step by step guide. Someone can write it if they want. I want you guys to follow my logic and the specific steps for you may be different.

    First of all, on your windows XP machine install the excellent program Autostreamer. My version is 1.0.

    Now, for this to work you will need the Windows XP SP2 update previously downloaded. You can find it here:

    Once you have created your streamlined Windows XP SP2 upgrade CD, you will need to incorporate two specific folders into this image from your Win98 CD.

    Still in you WinXP installation, download and install the most excellent LC ISO Creator program, that will enable us to create an image of the newly streamlined SP2 copy.

    Create your image.

    Now to add the needed folders from Win98. Go to your Ubuntu installation (I warned this is convoluted!) :) and install the magnificent free program ISO Master.


    There is also a Windows version, I don't know if that one would work, but I used the Linux one on Ubuntu. I remember I had to use one line of code to install from the terminal (argh!). I just found the forum again, I know because of the Alejandro commnent! (me) :) As you can see, I like easy...

    OK, now that we have our streamlined SP2 WinXP iso image and our image editor installed. Open it with ISO Master and add this two folders to the image from the Win98 CD: drivers and Win98. You need just those two, with all the contents inside. You just put them in the root directory with all the other folders of the WinXP installation CD. It's very simple with ISO Master, just click add, select the folders and voilà!

    Now you will note that the total contents of the CD are like 880 megs if I am not wrong, so that obviously doesn't fit in a regular CD. Don't worry. Save the modified image like this anyway.

    Jump into you Mac OSX operating system and burn the saved image into a DVD. I use Disk Utility for this task.

    Once you are done, you will have Windows XP with SP2 and selected folders of Win98 into a bootable DVD. The beauty of it all is that after you activate your Boot Camp Assistant the Mac WILL boot from the DVD (despite the fact that originally it was a CD bootable image) and will start the WinXP installation. Even more, with the two folders from Win98 that you added, it WILL pass the prior ownership check from M$, all you need to do is press ENTER when the "add prior cd" or something like that appears.

    Let me know if this also works for you. It worked for me because I do have Boot Camp with WinXP installed and I do not own a full installation CD, just the upgrade XP CD. If you have questions reply, perhaps I can help.

  2. randytsuch macrumors newbie

    Dec 27, 2008
    Thanks for the advice.

    I bought an xp upgrade disk before I read the instructions saying that upgrade disks don't work.

    Luckily, I found this page, and it seems to be working, I am installing XP home upgrade right now on my ibook, using bootcamp.

    I wanted to say that there is an easier way to do it.

    I copied my XP disk to an empty directory on a windows laptop.
    Then, use Isobuster to get the boot file.
    Run Isobuster, then click on the "Bootable Disk" icon in the right window.
    Should show some file like "Microsoft Corporation.img" Double click on it, and save it to your hard drive.
    Then, I got a win98 disk, and copied the win98 and drivers directories to the same directory as winxp

    Then, I used Nero Burning Rom.
    Selected DVD-Rom(boot).
    For source of boot image data, select image file, and then browse, set file types to all files, then find the microsoft Corporation.img file, and select it.

    Enable advanced settings, then set for no emulation, and number of loaded sectors to 4.

    Under ISO, Select ISO9660 + Juliet, max of 31 characters, and make sure all the boxes are checked.

    Under Label, set to manual, and label should be the same as the volume name for your original XP disk, and ISO and Juliet.

    Under Burn, check Finalize disk.

    Click New, and it will take you to an explorer like interface. Go to the winxp directory, and select all the files and directories, and move them into the left window.

    Burn a DVD, and you should be good to go.


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