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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cptnodegard, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I've been modifying cases for ages, and I recently dumped that horribly iPad mini Smart Case and went back to a Smart Cover + back case combination. When I did that I also started a new back case from scratch (I have a ton of modified ones lying around), and it's the most modified one I've done so far.

    It's based on the $1.99 back case I posted back in the iPad mini 1 days and has the following modifications:

    • Stylus (Jot Script) holder. Consists of a loop of flexible band sown together, super glued to the case and with Sugru(.com if you don't know what it is) used to "merge" it with the case
    • Two large round magnets embedded in the back for snapping the Smart Cover onto the back. I've tried a wide range of magnetic solutions, from metal strips, to magnetic tape, to smaller embedded magnets, and I've found two large round magnets to work the best. They're easy to embed, don't protrude too much, are easy to position, and are strong. I use a strip of sugru around the edges to "merge" the magnets into the case a bit more
    • Hole cut for the extra microphone
    • A Sugru-based "slot" on the back for setting the cover up in a stand mode that I think works much better than the original system (see pics)



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    Taking the liberty to bump this as I see a people asking for either stylus holders or magnets on a case, and I want to promote the DIY option
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    Wow that is pretty sweet- i use a griffin survivor(blue) on my ipad mini with this awesome foldable bluetooth keyboard so i can type fast when posting on this site.

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