My Housecleaning Faux Pas


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Jul 23, 2004
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Cleaning the bathroom is always mountains of fun, which is why my family greets it with so much enthusiastic fervor. Apparently Saturday is bathroom cleaning day for my mom, but earlier this morning she was called into work unexpectedly. She rushed out of the house in a tizzy a little while ago, and called out of the moving car to "clean the bathroom my way".

Usually, the extent of my bathroom cleaning is toilet scrubbing, mirror washing, carpet beating and general dusting and tidying up since I am in charge of the lawn, the leaves, and everything that grows outside.

Mi madre is very adamant about her cleaning, shunning normal modern conveniences (paper towels, anyone!?!?) and doing things the "old fashioned way." She is also very thorough-- she doesn't clean too often, so things start to get a bit dirty before she gets to them. But after they are cleaned, they’re perfectly clean enough to eat from.

So after watching the car speed down the street, I turned and shuffled back into the house. My mother's definition of clean bathroom involves her scrubbing every square inch of every feature of the room, visible or hidden… with a sigh, I rolled up my sleeves and plunged into her cleaning supplies. My first task was to 'get rid of grime', so I swept and vacuumed up hair, dirt, and dust. I then opened the storage closet and pulled out a large plastic bucket and filled it with scalding water, mom-style. I grabbed a brush, and hunting around for some type of cleaner, eventually settled on Wegmans’ Extra Tough Grease Fighting Dish Detergent. For the next half hour I heroically scrubbed the room's tile walls and faux laminate floor. After that was done, I focused my attention on vacuuming the rest of the house. When I came back in another half-hour, though, I was astonished. My hard work made the grout and caulk sparkle and the floor look decent, but the tiles are now covered with big streaks of dull-colored residue interspersed with shiny patches of clean tile.

Does anyone know what I do now? I was considering just wiping down the walls with a glass cleaner and rags to make them shine and lose the residue, but what did I do wrong? Did I use the wrong soap? Was I supposed to also rinse the walls and floor?

Help, please. I'm afraid Mom's just a better cleaner than me. :eek:


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Jun 14, 2006
Wash them with water! Get a sponge and rub hard. Should remove any residue...


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Jun 13, 2005
cslewis said:
Wegmans’ Extra Tough Grease Fighting Dish Detergent

I miss Wegmans so much ...

Why are you cleaning your floors with dish detergent?


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Jan 20, 2005
Mmmm...Wegmans. I never realized I had it so good growing up.

Dish detergent isn't a good option for cleaning surfaces. You'll probably need a lot of water to get all of that soap residue up. Next time try a household cleaner of some sort.


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Dec 19, 2002
Sounds like you need to flush with a lot of water. A sponge and a running tap should work, just don't use a bucket, because then you'll wind up spreading more grime.

Dish detergent might not have been a great choice. For next time consider a powdered cleanser like Ajax. It's good stuff.


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Jun 29, 2002
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Applespider said:
Yup, it's just residue. Just 'polishing' with a dry cloth might be enough but if not, then the answer is lots of hot water
I would agree with the dry cloth treatment first of all. Get to it!