My iBook G4 won't allow a Archive and Restore!!What now?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by filmcassie, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Jan 29, 2008
    My iBook G4 with 1G added memory has been acting up. My Mac Genius said I need to do an Archive and Restore. Everything is all backed-up and I'm ready to go, but the install program says I don't have enough room even when I deselect everything except system files. I only have 1.5 G available on my harddrive, so apparently this is why I've got to re-install..."before corruption" he said. First time in 3 years :)o) I've had to break out my cds!! But, all my life and current work life are on this computer, so I'm scared of an erase and install. Will I get all my apps back, even ones I don't have discs for? (work programs)
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    1.5 GB definitely isn't enough for an Archive and Install. I'd recommend the following procedure:

    Use Carbon Copy Cloner to create a bootable clone of your system on an external HD. I recommend a FireWire drive for this purpose.

    Once that's done, go ahead with the erase and install. After the install finishes, you can then go about the process of manually restoring your user data and applications (generally, this just means copying the contents of the cloned folders you want to the correct locations, except for the Applications folder - do NOT overwrite Apple applications on the fresh install with those from the clone, but it is perfectly safe to copy third-party applications to the Applications folder in this way).

    If something goes wrong, you always have the clone to revert to.
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    Thanks and update

    Thanks for the advice, I'll do it this weekend. In the meantime I was very nervous about 1.5 so I moved all my Itunes music to my external drive and now I have 15.2G so I feel better. Thanks to your advice, I feel I can do a clean install since I sense there's a lot of junk in my mac. Thanks again.:)

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