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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by tnick777, Sep 19, 2012.

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    The thing that Apple needs to realize right now is that just because you are the creator of something, it doesn't mean you are always the state of the art.

    As a person who is intimate with Marketing and the science behind it, I would equate this to Ford's Model T. While it was not the *first* automobile, it was the one that was the most affordable and grew the popularity of the product, it simply changed the face of the industry. Now, if Ford decided to make every single iteration of its car, from the Model T on, look exactly the same, only making upgrades to the engine and other small tweaks, it would have died out as competitors quickly took the reigns.

    Today, Apple, the catalyst that brought the mobile operating system into the hands of more than half the phone users, is at risk of being an obsolete product in the face of competition that is willing to break the mold.

    While Apple is a safe bet for product design, corporate sponsorship (e.g. passbook integration), and of course popularity, the users are beginning to realize that "hey, this really isn't as different as the other iOSes".

    Apple can still take back the market share, with Android taking a commanding lead in sales in the second quarter (68.1% to 18.8%), it is time to look at the competition and go "hey, you know what... maybe they have it right."

    These are the things I would **love** to be implemented in iOS 7 (with some requiring a hardware upgrade that could be addressed in an iPhone 5s next year).

    Settings not much to change here

    * Aesthetic Editing: allows users to customize colors of bars, keyboards, fonts, etc. Maintain the Apple color pallet and design, but allow consumers to have some "wiggle room" for individuality. I for one hate the orange in the iPod app for the repeat and shuffle options.
    * Desk-Clock mode: with an after market stand, the iPhone could be put in the horizontal position and dim the screen to act as a true nightstand alarm clock.
    * Third-Party Headphone Setup: Allows the buttons on third-party headphones to be programmed (e.g. Beats by Dre's skip buttons, etc.)

    Music nearly perfected product, a few issues

    * Smart-mixes: digital analysis of songs to generate playlists using adjectives (e.g. "play me some smooth music", the phone's digital profile of each song and play a mix of it).
    * Built-in Information Matching: When loading new music (some from legitimate/illegitimate sources-- none of Apple's business either way), have the option to have Apple search for the details including album art, proper titles, etc. (IIRC this *may* already exist but I don't remember).
    * EQ Sliders: By now I should be able to adjust the treble, maybe have third-party specific EQs as well.

    Passbook Would Require a Hardware Update

    * Integration of personal: Apple-designed NFC chip that is encrypted and safe. This allows for bank cards, credit cards, etc. to be loaded onto the phone to almost render the wallet useless.
    * Lemon Integration: Not necessarily making it "Lemon", but allowing you to take pictures of cards from local things that are scannable, but may not have an iOS App to load.

    Security I hate PIN/could require a Hardware update

    * Biometrics: Increase the sensitivity of the screen so it can read thumb prints. Instead of slide to unlock it could be top button>press thumb to unlock.
    * Siri to Unlock: Voice recognition to unlock phone too

    Siri at one time she was the state of the art, now she needs help

    * Increase Speed: I don't know how Google does it, but it's nearly instantaneous, it may be because it is already *connected* to the internet, but its time to get Siri up to that standard or even surpass it.
    * Voice Changes: Small but could make a big difference. Allow users to change the voice to different accents, male/female, and get it to be a little more natural sounding.
    * Further app integration: It could already be there, but I would love to ask Siri "how do I make x" and she opens my AllRecipe App and pulls up the recipe with the highest rating for me.

    Maps dear Jesus this needs some help

    * Obvious point is obvious: improve the detail, use Google Maps as a bench mark and break it.
    * Mall, theme park, etc. integration: Allow maps to detect if you're at a theme park or use a QR code to load a detailed park map onto the phone and store in a folder in the app. That way if you're in an unfamiliar mall you can open the map and find your way around. GREAT marketing potential in this bad boy.

    Widgets Not the ugly Android Garbage, don't worry

    * Customizable Notification Bar: Allow users to put more widgets into this. Allow them to put a WiFi on/off switch, remove something, add third-party app widgets, etc. here

    Camera more controls if wanted/could require Hardware Upgrade

    * Increased Megapixels: 12 megs is a good goal
    * Controls: Aperture, Depth of Field, Exposure, etc.
    * Gif maker: Self explanatory
    * Volume Control in Filming: reduce background noise

    World's Window Augmented reality

    * Translate text: point camera at text and it translates it
    * Geography: Get information on landsmarks, etc.
    * Architecture Tour: Point at a notable building (e.g. Sears tower) get info.
    * Point at produce/packages: get nutrition information

    tons of possibilities

    * Gesture to Multitask: I hate double clicking. Something like launchpad would be cool.
    * Execution Button: Close all running apps with a press
    * Integrated Flashlight: Self explanatory, very minor
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    London Ontario
    a 12mp camera would be impossible with ios7........ iPhone 5s, 6.. sure. But can't do it with just an os update.
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    Aug 17, 2012
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    The 12 MP camera is for Iphone 6 not IOS 7 :p thats hardware and great list btw, hope this list reaches apple, doing everything in this list will make non apple become apple :D
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    Next to the "Camera" section I mentioned it would require a hardware upgrade (e.g. iPhone 5s).
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    Dec 29, 2010
    Either iOS 7 is going to be a huge leap forward via a re-imagining of the OS, or Apple is going to fall further and further behind due to stagnation. Based on what we're seeing with iOS 6, the only explanation I can think of is that they are dedicating more resources to iOS 7 development. If not, then...bad news.

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