My iPad Air 2 Support Experience

Discussion in 'iPad' started by The Doctor11, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Ok so this is my iPad Air 2 support Experience. Why am I making this post? Well no real reason than I think its kinda unique and I think at least one person will get some kind of enjoyment or something out of reading it so why not!

    Ok so about a week ago I had noticed that in the mid right of my iPad's screen taping anywhere the area would create distortion. This required almost no pressure on the screen at all. I got my iPad last Christmas so I'm still in warranty so I made an Apple Genius bar appointment for that Sunday. Went in explained my problem to the genius he tapped it a couple times and said he'd be right back and he ran into the back room and came back legit within 30 seconds. When he came back he picked up a demo iPad and tried to tell me this behavior was normal. As I watched him damn near push his thumb through the poor little demo iPad I said, "Sir, look at how much force you're putting on that screen. Now look at mine, you barely even have to touch it and its over a pretty decent size area." The problem area was about the size of 3 quarter all pushed up against each other. He kept telling me its normal and then he starts to tell me about the battery being on the left and the CPU, GPU and "everything else" on the right and thats why somethings are closer to the screen and its creating my problem. I told him that no other iPad seems to have this too close to the screen issue and that it simply wasn't a reason for my iPad to have a screen issue. Mr. Apple Genius guy then proceeded to tell me that because it wasn't interfering with multitouch it wasn't a problem. So I said to him word for word "So you're telling me that because it's a user experience problem and not a usability problem thats ok?" He said yes! He actually ****ing said yes to me. I couldn't believe it. So I said ok picked up defective iPad and left extremely frustrated.

    When I got home I immediately called Apple support told them about my Apple Store experience and they were extremely willing to help me. They were also extremely understanding, the women I spoke with even said that that would be bothersome to her as well and promised me that it would be taken care of. They ran some diagnostics on my iPad then had me do DFU restore, once they had confirmed that it was a hardware issue they overnighted me a box to mail it to them in, and this supervisor said she would call me on Tuesday just to make sure I got the box ok. Well I did indeed get the box and a phone call.

    Well I now have a brand new iPad Air 2 in my possession. It arrived today which was a surprise because two days ago I got a email with a tracking number that linked to the Fedex website and said the tracking number wasn't active yet, but it actually came from UPS. I tried putting the tracking number into the UPS and it did indeed work.

    The women I spoke with is suppose to call me back again on Monday to make sure I got an iPad back and that everything is working the way it should be. I'm really just thrilled that I was able to get such amazing support after have a retail store treat me like ****.

    Just wanted to share :)

    TLDR; iPad defective, Apple Store told me too piss off, Amazing phone support and replacement iPad.
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    When it comes to these folks in the store, it all in who you get. Boils down to the roll of the dice and it shouldn't be that way, but it is. I had this happen one time with a MacBook Pro that the display started having lines they were faint, but working in a dimly lit room you could see them clearly. He kept saying he couldn't see anything wrong. I said, well then I suggest you take a couple of your buddies and get out of these bright lights and you'll see it. Take it to the back with another support person. When they get back up he says I still don't see anything that would indicates anything outside of normal specs, but the other guy looks at him and says.. Replace the mans display, I could see exactly what he is talking about. Now had that other guy not gone back there with him they wouldn't have replaced it. I had to leave it and came back a few hours later to pick up my MacBook Pro with a brand new display on it.

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