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    Forgive any rambling, I am just putting my thoughts and experiences down on virtual paper in the order that I was thinking them. Hopefully it will make sense and give insight as to an Android fanboy's perspective on the newer iPads and tablet scene in general... Make sure to read to the end where there are updates that I added weeks after getting the device, with some additional observations.

    When the iPhone first hit the scene, it was ground-breaking. Small improvements were made over time, but by the time of the iphone 3G S, I was getting tired of the lack of features... no copy and paste, no sending pics via MMS instead of email, no multitasking, little tiny screen, having to rely on iTunes, no expansion of storage, no using it like a thumb drive, no ability to set default apps, the list goes on... There was also the issue of it being on AT&T and getting 8-10 dropped calls per day(tried 3 different iPhones), regardless of where I was or signal strength...

    I am used to PC's, not Macs. I am used to getting whatever hardware I want and doing what I want with it. I couldn't stand being dictated to in how I would be allowed to use it, and seeing competitors offering the features I wanted, while Apple stuck their fingers in their ears and kept pushing the status quo... Apple seemed more like a lifestyle brand... like what Harley Davidson is to the motorcycle world... They cater (mostly) to people that put image and status over quality and performance, etc...* And while nobody can claim that you can't make money hand over fist doing business that way, it just wasn't for me. I don't care about the lifestyle, I want cutting edge performance and functions for my money, not a status symbol.

    The iPhone seemed more like a toaster... It's made to do a few specific things, but you can't use it for something else, it will always be a toaster... I felt like Apple knows that they have a core of cult-like followers that will shell out top dollar for anything with an Apple logo on it, even if it is barely different than the product that they already own...

    So I finally moved to Verizon and went to Android. First couple phones were decent, but from 2012 on, Apple couldn't hold a candle to what was available with Android. More options, better phones with nicer screens and useful features that Apple fans wanted, but Mr Jobs decided that they should have to wait a couple years for... And each generation, the gap widened. Android phones now are so far ahead of anything Apple has on the table. Nicer screens, better cameras, expansion, better battery life, IR blasters, HDMI ports, the ability to access from any USB port like a thumb drive, etc... The QHD Super AMOLED screens blow the Retina out of the water. But today, with with Android having 82% of the global market, and Apple now going to larger screens and adopting most of the Android features from 2 years ago, they obviously see the light and are trying to catch up.

    That said, I assumed that the same was true for the tablet world. I had an original Nexus 7, and then decided to get a Windows Tablet, a Dell Venue 11 Pro 64GB... Nice enough, ran full windows and I could plug it into my Ducati's ECU to program and diagnose the bike, etc... But even with the Win 8.1 update, you just never feel like it was really meant for touch screens. It's this weird in between feel that doesn't cater to either mode of use as well as it could or should.

    So this time around I read up a lot, went and played with different devices and decided to leave Windows and go back to an Android tablet. I considered the Galaxy S series and I was also intrigued by the NVidia Shield tablet running their crazy Tegra K1 SoC... The fastest mobile graphics processor that you can buy in a tablet. Plays near desktop quality games, lots of cool features, console mode, front facing speakers... a solid tablet and for gaming, nothing can touch it. You aren't playing Half Life 2 on another other tab, that's for sure, but the Shield Tablet can handle it without breaking a sweat...

    So I went back and forth between the Galaxy S 8.4 and the Shield. The Galaxy has the best screen I have ever seen on a tablet. It's amazing. But the battery life wasn't stellar and the Shield was faster and $100 cheaper, and offers more in the way of accessories and options, HDMI port, console mode, game pad controller, built in stylus, etc...

    Got it home, and it was ok. It is certainly fast, but in upgrading to Lollipop it made the tablet buggy and there is no way to roll it back unless you want to void the warranty and root it, etc... To have to do that on a brand new $300 tablet, just to get it to work properly, seemed like BS to me. Tried tons of things to fix it, but just couldn't get it to not be laggy at times. I upgraded my Note 4 to Lollipop, and it made one of the best phones ever made, even better. But not so on the tablet... I considered the Galaxy Tab S again, but I already have the Note 4, so that just seemed like a slightly larger version of what I have, without the phone built in.

    So I went back and looked at the iPad Mini 2 Retina... I really thought hard about it... you know, going back to the “dark side”... It was a couple bucks more for the 32gb version, and you are giving up some things, make no mistake... 4:3 screen less ideal for movies... no front speakers... Limited storage, having to deal with iTunes, so not as easy as an Android tablet that can just plug into any USB port and drag and drop whatever you want to it or the SD card like a thumb drive... No HDMI port, non-standard proprietary plug that Apple insists on using just to increase revenue streams... No widgets or true interactive UI...

    The desktop of the OS is just a slab with icons scattered about, no real multitasking or real time data widgets...

    So in a lot of ways, the iPad is way behind the times, mainly because iOS is a couple years behind the curve. Having it next to my Note 4, it really does draw a stark contrast in just how dated iOS is(even with the update to 8.3), but it does work well enough. I do miss having widgets, as they are very useful.

    However, the iPad looks amazing. The built quality is probably the best out there. Besides the crude UI and lack of widgets, it is simple and elegant. It is fast, smooth and seamless... It just plain WORKS for all of your basic browsing, email, media consumption and lite gaming needs. It's a fantastic tablet.

    Super screen and performance, and about as big as you want while still being able to palm it in one hand. Despite the lack of front facing stereo speakers, the sound is loud and excellent quality. Yeah, it doesn't have an HDMI port, but there's an iPad version of Chromecast...

    The iOS version of Microsoft Office is actually much better than the Android one currently...

    As for the selection of apps, both platforms have so many apps that it's pretty much irrelevant. With Android dominating the planet, there really isn't anything on iOS than there isn't an Android version of.

    I wouldn't trade my Android phones for anything from Apple. Apple still has a lot of catching up to do in several areas... But as far as tablets go, I don't feel that Android is as far along in maturity as their phones are.

    Here I feel, Apple still has the edge. They are not perfect or without limitations, but for general purpose work, I don't regret returning my Shield tablet and picking up a Mini2 Retina. Yeah, it isn't as feature packed as the Android tablets, but in this price range, it's a higher quality, more refined product...

    One thing that I notice, is that the Mini2 Retina's graphics performance is nowhere near the Tab S or Shield. It looks great and is smooth in the UI, but when you run a video benchmark... take Antutu or something and look at the 3D game portions of the test and watch the screen's FPS on the bottom left corner, they are typically in the mid 20's...*

    To compare, both my Note 4 and the Shield Tablet I had, are typically hitting 59-60fps, which I think is the limit of what the display itself can show, so it may be faster, but it is capped at 60fps to match the 60hz frequency of the display...

    That's a huge difference!*

    The overall score in Antutu on my Mini2 Retina, is 27,757... My Note 4 is over 52,000 and the NVidia tablet was almost 57,000. So, a huge difference. I think that the Tab S is in the mid 40,000 range...

    Not that benchmarks are the end all be all of anything, but there is a pretty pronounced difference in graphics performance... And the Note 4 is running a much higher resolution than the iPad... 2560x1440 or something whacky... At almost double the PPI...

    So if you want to do gaming, that could be a deciding factor.*

    In lite games, watching movies and everyday normal tablet duties, the iPad is buttery smooth and fluid. But in a higher end game with lots of eye candy, the Android tablets and even phones bring a lot more muscle to the table...

    From a hardware perspective, the iPad has the quality and style. But Android has the muscle, options and is way more cutting edge. What holds the Apple devices back, is the OS.

    The Android OS has a huge advantage over iOS. iOS has added some pull down menus and notifications, but overall it isn't much different than it was in 2007. It's a desktop with icons laying all about that you can thumb through and launch one at a time...

    Android has the ability to have more than one app actually running and on the screen at the same time... so have a word processor open or email, while watching a YouTube video... At the same time. Seeing things as they happen, rather than launching apps one at a time... Its so much easier to get things done on Android for power users, because you have true multitasking abilities.

    With iOS, no interactive UI and desktop with true multitasking and real-time widgets displaying data that matters to you... The experience on my Note 4 is light years ahead of the iPhone 6... It knows when it is in my pocket as opposed to being on the desk or table, so it doesn't lock when it is in my pocket. It knows if I am in my car, so it unlocks there as well. I have widgets displaying my calendar or flight info, updates from news feeds, weather, anything really... all on the desktop, all in real-time... no having to launch each app one at a time to see what is going on...

    Google Now is the tool that Siri should have been. It is faster and actually works. Siri is a gimmick for the most part, to entertain you and to amuse your friends, but when you want a tool that WORKS, you use Google Now.

    Apple Maps? LOL It's a joke. Every time someone gets lost on the way to my house, I tell them to turn off Apple Maps and use Google Maps and so far I have never been wrong. I can tell what phone they have by how many dropped calls they get or whether they get lost on the way here. haha

    I think that Apple is still 2 years behind Android in the phone area, but they still have the edge in the tablet area.

    It does lack features... no MicroSD... no HDMI... Speakers on bottom instead of front... The iPad uses the same 4:3 aspect ratio as a 1950's television... Still relies on iTunes(which sucks), and no real ability to use it as a portable USB drive...

    But the build quality is top notch, it is simple, elegant, and it works very well. I think that for a general purpose tablet, Apple has the better product, for now at least.

    I got the 32GB version, which obviously limits what I can do with it, but it will suffice. I think that I made the right choice going back to Apple for my tablet needs.

    As a general media consumption platform, the iPad is a fantastic product. Clean, stable, more mature and more refined than any Android tablet that I have sampled. If you have to have the latest cutting edge platform, with customization and a host of hardware options to pick from, Android is going to be the better route, especially if you have a Steam account and want to use it as a mobile gaming platform.

    If you are like most folks and just want a media consumption appliance, that while limited, does what it does very well, in a really slick and intuitive fashion, then the iPad is the clear winner, in this Andoid fanboy's humble opionion. If you are a power user and want customization, more control over the device and the best performance and list of features, then Android, or even the Windows Surface line of tablets is the clear winner.

    Apple/iPad final opinions:
    Elegant, premium build quality
    Simple to use
    Good performance
    Amazing battery life
    Excellent screen and image quality
    Tons of aftermarket accessories

    More expensive
    Slower Performance
    UI is very outdated and lacks industry standard widgets and features, customization, etc...
    No Micro SD slot for expansion, if you want more space you have to buy a new tablet
    No HDMI port
    No ability to seamlessly function with any USB port for easy file transfer
    Heavy reliance on iTunes
    Screen quality, while good, is not as good as Samsung's Super AMOLED displays
    4:3 screen aspect ratio isn't up to par with industry standard 16:9 movie formats
    Speakers, while decent quality, are not stereo(in landscape mode) or front facing for watching movies

    Update #1, it is 5pm on Friday, and the iPad has been off the charger since 8am on Monday. I have used it every day... not all day, but an hour or two each day, and it has been off the charger for almost 5 days, and I still have 28% batter left. And I don't have the brightness turned way down, or even on auto setting. It's at about 45% brightness which is perfect for anything but direct sunlight... nice and bright, clear... That's phenomenal... My phone gets better battery life than the iPhone, but I have never owned a tablet that would go 5 days with a fair amount of use, and still have another day's worth of battery left. Now I realize that if I was watching videos for hours on end, but I hope that this paints the picture that the battery life is still pretty amazing.

    Update #2 Another week has gone by, and I am noticing that the iPad is not as fast and smooth as I was expecting, particularly in web browsing, both in Safari and Chrome. . I think that the new iOS 8.3 was supposed to fix some of the performance issues that people have been complaining about, but some are still present.

    A major difference that I see between the two platforms, is that with iOS with each new version, while it may run on the last generation hardware, it tends to slow it down. Many think that this is because they want you to buy the new model. I have seen it time and time again with the iPhone... You get the new update, and people like it, but it usually makes the phone slower, and not long after people feel the need to upgrade to the new iPhone. You have to drive revenue somehow I guess, and when the differences from each iPhone to the next are typically minimal, it's a good way to keep the product update cycle humming along, right?

    With Android, the opposite is true. Each major release boosts and increases performance and features on older devices, and typically breaths new life into the older hardware. It's weird, because iOS acts more like Windows in that regard... Yes, the new version has better visuals and does new things, but it does so with a performance hit. With Android, you get all the new features and improved visuals, but the device also tends to run better, faster, etc... It's much more optimized than iOS.
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    The 4x3 aspect ratio of the iPad is one of the best things! I had a tablet that was 16x9 and it was terrible. That ratio is only good for movies, which I never watch on a small tablet, thats silly - i watch them on my 60 inch tv!

    The 4x3 is great for internet, ebooks, email, etc. Something that I do a lot more of.
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    Depends on the size of the tablet I guess. So many people use their tablets to watch movies, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc...

    An 8" Android tablet has the same viewing area for a movie as a 10-11" Apple tablet, because it doesn't have to letterbox it... Remember the old days of having a 4:3 television and accidentally grabbing a widescreen format DVD, and so you got the full video left to right, but it made it all really small with the giant black bands top and bottom?

    Apple is still stuck in those days. I understand why they did it, but it still a valid critique, as so many people do use tablets for watching video, and Apple makes the only 4:3 aspect product on the market, or any market for that matter... TV's, portable DVD players, flat panel monitors. tablets, phones, movie theaters, projectors, etc... It is the international standard for just about everything, and movies and TV shows are recorded that way for a reason...

    So for some, it will be annoying...

    It wasn't a deal breaker for me, but I made a point of noting that drawback.
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    I use my iPad mini in the classroom, where it is mirrored to the projector screen via an Apple TV. And guess what the projector's aspect ratio is? 4:3. So in that regard, the iPad mini is perfect in that it fits perfectly.��

    Still, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to type out such a long post. There have been times when I started out wanting to say something, then simply cancelling the post because I felt it was too much of a chore to type out a lengthy response.
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    Well, if it is an Apple projector or TV, then sure, it may be 4:3... But that's the point, Apple is still using the same aspect ratio as a 1950's television, while every other device in the world has moved on to widescreen... haha
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    Here's the thing I realised using a 16:9 windows tablet - this widescreen ratio is great for watching movies (with a caveat), and sucks for pretty much everything else.

    If I bring up the virtual keyboard to type something, it is going to fill up less vertical space on a 4:3 iPad compared to any 16:9 tablet. With web browsing, you have to scroll more because the screen feels too long and cramped. And when I am watching youtube videos on my iPad, I appreciate the black bar on top because it means that incoming notifications don't overlap the video.

    And I find that with the exception of youtube, I don't really watch media on my iPad. But I do use it for a fair amount of reading and light content creation, and so I prefer the 4:3 ratio more. I think this is clearly one instance where Apple knows me better than I know myself.
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    Hmmm... Yeah, I guess the virtual keyboard point makes sense, although if you are holding the tablet 1 handed, so that the screen is vertical, then the 16:9 actually gives you more screen real estate so that the keyboard is less of that space than even 4:3 would be, but I get your point.

    I guess that I see these as media consumption devices, and video is a large part of that.
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    I personally find holding a 16:9 tablet in portrait mode even more awkward. It simply feels too long.

    I do consume media on my iPad, but it's more in the form of podcasts and spotify. I don't really watch videos, because iTunes content is expensive here in Asia, the selection is pretty poor, and getting videos on my iPad is actually quite a pain.

    As a teacher, I have done stuff like blogging, recording screencasts, creating keynote presentations, annotating on pdfs etc all from my iPad. I find that for me, the iPad mini represents a great combination of battery life, portability and ease of use.

    Ecosystem support also make all the difference. When I was recording screencasts of lessons, I was using an app called educreations, which was iPad-only. I was playing games like Battleheart Legacy months before it hit the Android app Store. I was airplaying my iPad to my Apple TV in 2012 long before the chromecast-knockoff, EZcast hit the market (and even that was crippled on iOS). It's really quite the swiss-army knife for me.
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    Well, iTunes is expensive which is why I hate it... Well that, and it is clunky at times. I really wish that Apple would just let me plug this thing in like a USB thumb drive. I like the ability to just drag and drop whatever I want, or use it as a portable hard drive. Even if Apple just let you put in a MicroSD card and that portion was accessible via simple USB, that would be awesome.

    I know that there is Apple TV and that Chromecast came later, but many Android phones had hardware HDMI ports on them back then(and still do), so while it wasn't wifi streaming, it was typically higher quality because it was going over a cable, but I get your point.

    Now, with Android dominating both the phone market and now leading in the tablet market, you won't see too much of that, where there is an Apple app and it takes a year or two to make it to the other side. 4 out of 5 devices in the entire world are running Android, so things have caught up app-wise.

    I am enjoying my iPad... I returned the Shield Tablet and got the iPad and don't really regret it... But there are times when I look at what it is, and think to myself about what it could be with just a few simple changes...

    The screen ratio would be nice, but it isn't a deal breaker. I would love to see a MicroSD slot. It would be nice to be able to just load whatever music, movies and files I want onto that... Or when I come off the race track, take my GoPro's memory card and slap it into the iPad to see how it looks, edit the video down and upload it to YouTube right there...

    I don't have an easy way to do that with the iPad... The Windows and Android Tablets, just put the memory card in the tablet, or plug the GoPro camera right in to the micro USB port and that's it.

    The iPad has cool video editing software and stuff, but you can't easily get media onto the device... I have to take the memory card and put it into my Phone or another tablet or computer, then push it to the cloud(using lots of my data plan), then pull it back from the cloud(using more data), to get it into the iPad, or I have to bring a laptop with iTunes with me to do it, but if I do that, I might as well just use the laptop and leave the iPad at home... LOL

    These are just normal things that people would love to do with an iPad, but because of one or two critical design limitations, you can't...

    Windows Tablets have native USB ports on them. Android has MicroUSB and with a $5 "OTG" dongle you can plug any USB device in to them and access them with ease.

    Is there such a thing for the iPad? That would really help me out....
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    It's funny that I find myself agreeing with you that iTunes can seem kind of clunky at times yet oddly convenient at others.

    Just the other day, I wanted to copy some listening comprehension audio files from a CD to my phone for convenience sake (so I could play them in the classroom via the audio jack rather than have to lug a laptop with a CD-player around). Extracting the files was easy enough - I simply dragged them from the folder on my iMac. Then I realised that I couldn't drag them into the music player app via iTunes. Instead, I had to add the audio files to iTunes, then sync them to my phone (which meant having to convert everything to some AAC format or something). You can tell I don't really iTunes much outside of periodically backing up my phone. #

    Apple also offers lightning to HDMI cables. I know they are more expensive, but you can technically do the same thing as with a micro-HDMI to HDMI adaptor.

    I don't think we will be seeing expandable storage on iOS devices ever. Even Samsung has stopped offering them on their S6 line of phones.
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    There are numerous ways to do this

    I'll start by saying that everything you dislike about the apple phones and tablets are what I like about them, I'll avoid talking about your original post as I disagree with it all....

    As to how to get stuff straight to your tablet (or iPhone) there are so many portable wireless gadgets that I'll just give you a few to look at.

    Firstly wireless SD cards why not....


    great for getting photos from cameras to all your devices no wires needed...

    Wireless card reader and usb reader....


    Brilliant we use one at work to share movies etc and give us wifi in a wired only laboratory. It can connect to any USB storage device or SD card and can play movies directly onto any device (VLC app works well for this), it is also a wireless hotspot when connected to a network. Lastly it can recharge devices as spare battery power when needed. An all round traveller dream from giving you wifi in hotel rooms to streaming different movies to all your kids devices in the back of a car and very cheap.

    You can also get wifi hard drives..


    Similar to the mobilelite but with built in storage.

    Lastly how about a lightning to SD adpter


    I hope this gives you some ideas, I'd go with the mobilelite if I was you they are brilliant...
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    Sweet, thanks! Those are the types of things that I am looking for... Something I can just toss my SD cards in and access them via the tablet it perfect... Bring extra movies when I travel, my GoPro, etc...

    Very cool...
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    News flash, Nexus 9 is a 4:3 tablet. 16:9 on a tablet is weird, it's either too tall or too wide, especially bad on a 10" tablet. The new Surface is even better with the 3:2 ratio.
    Unless all u do in a tablet is watch videos, 4:3 or better still 3:2 is more practical.
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    Agreed! 3:2 is ideal, always wished they had gone with that instead for ALL Apple products, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops included!!
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    You guys do realize that 3:2 is very close to 16:9 and 16:10, right? :)

    I did say that the main reason for 16:9 is for movies, so that you don't waste a ton of the screen with letterboxing...

    If you don't care about movies, then 4:3 is fine...
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    Holy crap! Did not ready. Lolz.

    2 words..

    Android sucks. 4cores, 4GB of ram and it still lags? I'll give it a miss brah.
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    Ok, I got the little dongle, the camera connection kit.

    Can't seem to get it to work. Am I limited to just pictures, or can I load some video on it and use that to plug in and expand storage on the device? Is it just used to import stuff, or can I read directly from it?

    I was thinking that it was like an OTG dongle for my Android devices... $5 connector, lets me plug in any USB device like a camera, card reader, or a 2TB external HD and access it, read and write to it just like a computer would.

    Does this dongle not work that way?


    Well, that's a software issue.

    Saying Android sucks because one tablet had a problem with 1 update is like saying BMW sucks because one model had flunky brake pads... LOL

    The performance and features on that tablet are 1-2 years ahead of anything Apple has on the table.

    Had I been patient I would have just waited for the patch. If I remember, a lot of people complained about lag on iOS 8.1 and 8.2... ;-)
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    San Diego, CA
    No it doesn't work that way. It only works for importing pictures, that's why Apple calls it the camera connection kit. What will happen is the Photos app will open automatically and ask you which pictures to import, and give you the option to import all.
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    May 9, 2015
    I find iPads more useful for work, web browsing etc.
  20. iGeek2014 macrumors 68010

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    === Nowheresville ===
    I've had my iPad Mini 2 since December 2013 and am currently in the process of listing it on eBay. I've used it far more often than I ever did my iPad 4. However with the incremental software updates it's causing more problems than it is fixing. I know turning on Reduce Motion, Factory Reset is useful but I shouldn't have to do it to make the use of what is otherwise a decent tablet.
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    Ahhh... Lame. No real need for that then.

    It's almost like these things are intentionally castrated. If you have pics or movies in an SD card, why can't I put it in the dongle and simply access them like a USB drive?

    The answer is financial. They don't want us expanding our own storage, they want us to spend an extra $100 to get the larger capacity tablet.

    That is especially annoying when an extra 16GB of RAM can cost you $50-$100 depending on the iDevice, when 16GB of RAM costs $6 on the open marketplace...

    In this day and age, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to plug in an SD card or USB drive. Every other tablet has been doing it for years, it is a very common, and very useful feature. That's the part of Apple I detest. It is not the quality, the look, etc... It is that deliberate process of keeping out basic, simple and industry standard features, just because they can, or just because they know that they fans will pay top dollar.... Frustrating...

    So I am back to square 1 now... I will have to buy some other box to connect and transfer share stuff, or bring a damned laptop to do it, and if I have the laptop, then I already have more power and storage there than the iPad has and I don't need the iPad...

    That aspect really does make the iPad more of a glorified eReader... Not a Tablet PC.

    Ah well, I still have a nice pair of Windows tablets here that I can use for this stuff. It is annoying to have to have so many devices... I really want 1 that can do everything...
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    It's funny that you knocked the 4:3 ratio and praised Samsung for not using it. Spoiler Alert! Samsung's upcoming tablets, starting with the just released Tab A, are going 4:3. Why? Because consumers prefer it.

    100 percent correct about iOS being incredibly lackluster. It's the one huge downside to going with an Apple product.
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    Brussels, belgium
    I don't understand your obsession with micro sd cards. I used one once in my lifetime. It's a failed industry standard.
    I find micro sd annoying to use and expensive for what it is. I hope they will soon undergo the same fate as minidiscs or something like that.

    It's funny how in your review you explicitly need hardware requirements like front speakers... I mean there is no value in that if the experience is great. My point of view is: as long as the quality is good, im happy.

    I also don't understand the need for usb. I want as few plugs as possible. I hope the new iPad mini will have a usb c plug and nothing else.

    iOS feels lacklustre on an iPad, that's true. But android isn't offering anything more in the tablet world,imo.
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    1) Because I like to load the thing up with movies and stuff. An average DVD rip of mine is 2GB. It adds up fast. When a class 10 64GB MicroSD card is $25 shipped from Amazon, it is a cheap and fast way to expand the storage of the tablet.

    2) Front speakers are really nice, especially when they are in true stereo. Try it, you might like it.

    3) If the iPad had a normal USB plug, I would be happy with that, because I could load my movies and other stuff onto a cheap, small thumb drive and just plug it into the iPad whenever I needed. Like right now, I can plug in my 3TB external HD to my phone or Android tablet and access it like a PC would. That's handy, to not have to make sure you are near a PC with iTunes to act as the intermediary, and even if you have that, you are still limited in storage.

    Apple charges an arm and a leg for the 64gb and 128gb models, charging more than 10X what memory actually costs. They are ripping us off.

    4) I think that as an OS, take the hardware and all that stuff out of the mix, Android is light years ahead of iOS. iOS is little different than it was in 2007. It feels dated, there is no multitasking, it's not an interactive UI in the sense that Android is. iOS feels like Windows 3.11 Just a blank slab with some icons on it that you can manually launch one at a time.

    It works, but it doesn't really do all that much.

    My fiance is looking at the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Mini2 Retina...

    She has a Note 4 and likes Samsung, and the Samsung is faster, has a lot more features, is easier to work with and has a much nicer screen, more storage, etc...

    But I am steering her towards the Mini2 for 1 reason. Battery life. She's a chic and never plugs anything in until she needs to use it and then can't because the battery is dying... So at least the iPad will be better in that regard.

    Again, none of these single features is a deal breaker, but there are some areas that Apple should improve in. A simple MicroSD slot, so that I can have a $25 card full of 64GB of music and movies, or multiple cards with different stuff that I can just pop in when needed, is really nice.
  25. SquireSCA thread starter Suspended


    Dec 5, 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    I think that one thing to keep in mind, is that its ok to be a fanboi of one camp or the other, but it's also ok to be critical of them.

    I am an Android fanboi, but I also criticize them where they fall short. I like the iPad, but it clearly has flaws and limitations, so it's ok to acknowledge them.

    I think that without criticism, the manufacturers have no real incentive to make things better.

    I do think that "team Apple" tends to be a lot more rabid in their support of Apple. Apple are marketing geniuses, like Harley Davidson. It's a lifestyle brand. That's why people camp out for a week for the new product launch, even when the product is barely different than the one that they already own. Apple owners, in general, are far more loyal to the brand that Android fans.

    As a result, Apple doesn't have to do much to earn your business. Up to a point. At some point they realized that they had gone from ruling the smartphone market to being a distant second place. So they upped the ante, made the phones bigger, gave them nicer screens, improved the notification system, etc... And they saw a bump in sales and marketshare as a result.

    So, they do listen, eventually... But people need to be vocal, coupled with voting with their wallet, else you just get the same old 12-14 month product cycle with only small incremental updates, that you pay top dollar for...

    And with Android, they almost have too many options on the tablet side... They need to reign that in, focus on fewer products with better quality in some cases and refine them a bit more.

    Their flagship phones, are amazing. The blow anything that Apple has out of the water. The iPhone 6 is a bigger iPhone 3G, with most of the same limitations.

    I have found over the years that most Apple fans don't really know all that much about Android, what it can do, how well it works and just how high a quality the flagships phones really are. They have anecdotal stories and "things that they heard" that are usually outdated and not very accurate...

    I do find that most Android fans are intimately familiar with what Apple has and does, because most of them are former Apple customers...

    By criticizing and pushing on the manufacturers to compete for out business, that is what drives innovation up, and prices down.

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