my iphone 3gs will not start

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    Jan 18, 2011
    Ok I have an iphone that was dropped. I have replaced the battery, docking part that is where the mic and speaker and docking part for where you connect the power cord/data cable, I have replaced the whole top assembly - lcd, digitizer, glass, etc. I have a good charge on my battery I have held the home key down and the power button for a hard reboot. I have plugged it into my computer - itunes - wall socket - car charger. However it still will not boot!!!!! What else can I do? I am at my wits end peacing this thing together trying to get it to work. I thought it would be something simple but it has not been simple at all.

    It is a iphone 3gs

    I figure it maybe something with the logic board since everthing else has pretty much been replaced. How can I test the logic board? I have googled all I know to google.
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    Jan 18, 2011
    sorry i thought I was in the iphone page I don't know how to delete this right now I must have hit the wrong site...if you have answer i am going to repost this in iphone forum.

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