My iPhone 6 Issues in Detail


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Feb 20, 2015
California, USA
Hi there. I bought an iPhone 6 almost 3 months ago and I love it, but I have had a lot of issues. Here's a timeline.

Dec 2, 2014: Bought my first iPhone 6 16GB (Space Gray). It had a misaligned front camera so I got the screen replaced.

Jan 29, 2015: I kept running out of storage so I got a 64GB. The real problems start after this.

Jan 30, 2015: To much dismay I found a green stuck pixel in the middle of my screen. Really? Oh well. Took it in and got the display swapped no questions asked.

Feb 2, 2015: I noticed the home button became loose, off center and generally cheap feeling. I compared it to my mom's gold iPhone 6 and I knew mine was not right. Took it back and got the whole device swapped.

Feb 5, 2015: Another dead/stuck pixel appeared in the lower left of my screen. UGH WHY ME...I took it back and got another replacement iPhone. At this point I was pretty annoyed.

Feb 19, 2015: Took my case off to clean the phone when I noticed the screen was noticeably separating from the case right above the volume buttons. You could push it in and out at least 1mm. Got the phone replaced again.

Feb 20, 2015 (today): The new replacement device had the exact same problem. At this point I was very frustrated and almost ready to throw the thing out the window.

I took it in AGAIN today. This was my 3rd replacement phone and I was really tired of wasting time, gas and money with this. I explained to the employee in the front all of my issues and they directed me to the Genius Bar as always.

This is where it gets interesting. I went back to talk to a Genius. Again, I explained to him everything I had been through with this phone and he agreed that it was ridiculous.

He agreed to replace my device, so he brought out a "new" one. It had the exact same screen lift problem, except it was making an audible noise. This continued for a long time. He brought out FIVE replacement iPhones and each had the same issue, although not always in the same spot. One even had a big scratch on the back and smudge on the bottom antenna band.
He went back there and it was some time before he returned. He checked out the phone himself before coming back out. I could tell he was pretty embarrassed. Luckily, at last this one was good.

He said in his 3 years working at this store he has never experienced such a thing. He told me he took all of the defective phones to his manager and notified them of it. He also gave me his card and told me that if anything else came up to ask for him specifically.

This new phone is the best one I've gotten. The screen is flush with the case and doesn't move much at all. It will still click, but it's very quiet and comes and goes, so I'm able to live with it. It doesn't happen under normal use and it looks fine. There is no bracket in this portion of the screen so I understand why this is happening. Flawed design is what it is.

But jeez, this is not the kind of quality I expect from Apple and an $800 phone. I've owned every iPhone since the 4 and never had this slew of issues. I did have the screen lift issue on the 5s but that was it.

That said, I'm glad it's over and Apple handled it really well throughout. I plan to use this phone for a long time now that I went through all the trouble to get a "perfect" device. I expect that for what I'm paying. Surely I'm not the only one.

Even after all this, I still love my iPhone.
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Oct 14, 2007
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

I've had my iPhone 6 Plus since the 28th of September 14 with no issues. :)


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Dec 13, 2010
That's quite a lot to go through for just the iPhone 6. Perhaps just plain bad luck or lack of QA before device testing and shipping as each must be tested before sold. What it sounds like to me, was a case of the measuring equipment having a calibration issue in a certain lot number (or shipping carton) of iPhone 6 models that will still be resold as refurbished.

I must be quite lucky on the other hand I have a completely perfect iPhone 6 Plus model that I had shipped from T-Mobile to me even when supplies were insanely limited.

A friend of mine after seeing mine had signed on with T-Mobile a few days later and got a gold 6 Plus that was also completely flawless and had a chance to compare it with my silver model as I helped set him up with several things since this was his first smartphone... Ever...

Nothing since the release rush has come up and this is the first iPhone I've had that's gone commando since day one. No case and yet, not a single problem with mine or my neighbors for that matter.

It's my iPad "micro", and I think it's great.


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Feb 20, 2015
California, USA
It's really hard to say. I have found that if I lightly twist the phone with not very much force and then push the screen in above the volume buttons it will pop. It's not a huge deal, but Ive never seen anything like it.

I'll just chalk it up to quality control and call it a day.