"My iPhone 6 Plus is NOT bent" Thread!

is your iPhone 6 bent?

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Mar 7, 2009
Westland, Michigan
Since we're still inundated with bendgate threads, how about one showing the majority have non-bent phones?

I went a week without a case. dropped it on the corner pretty good, got some nasty looking damage. Have dropped it a few times with a case on (the thing is just too damn big! I rarely drop phones lol) and besides that dent, it's fine. Not bent. I haven't babied it, either.
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Dec 6, 2009
Recieved on 10/2, not bent but it is pretty obvious there are issues out there that are unique to this phone. It lives in an Apple leather case daily as a means to not drop it as easily and gets put into a Griffin Survivor All-Terrrain when working in the great outdoors.

It's going to take months for this issue to show how prone all our phones are or not because most people who buy these products do not and will not come here to join in the tech-nerd game.


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Apr 6, 2007
While you're at it why don't you start an "Official: I don't have ALS" thread here. http://www.alsforums.com
Not appropriate, because that is a forum for folks with ALS and their supporters.
Also, ALS is a medical condition, requiring some sensitivity. Bendghazi is not.

Though, i suppose if you started bentiphoneforums.com, and bacong posted this exact same thread/poll there, it might be seen as in poor taste.

I will say this much though: I really haven't been seeing much bendy threads lately. This thread only brings attention to it again.

As for my iPhone: no bend since 9/25. Though I also haven't put phones in my jeans pockets since I got my first blackberry in 2004.


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Aug 9, 2012
Since my 6+ isn't here yet, I'll play the role of denier:

You guys don't even use your iPhones, you just leave them at home on a shelf! Or maybe you use holsters for them, which is NOT NORMAL! And another thing, you're all LIARS!


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Apr 12, 2007
I am an aircraft ground engineer and my work place is not the most forgiving. I keep the phone in the front pocket of my pants and I bump into things and kneel/squat all the time. So far nothing has happened.

I also commute on my motorcycle on a daily basis and keep the phone in my pants while I ride. It gets somewhat tight with my legs folded and wrapped around the tank but again, so far no bending.

I keep it in a blue silicone case which is not the best support for this phone in a work environment like this, but I like the feel and look of it. My only grips is that it attracts dust like crazy ;)


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Aug 22, 2014
Taking an exam tomorrow and since I gotta leave my coat outside the auditorium I don't have anywhere to keep my phone except my jeans front pocket. Gonna leave the phone home rather than risk it bending while I'm seated.


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Mar 18, 2012
Got my iPhone 6 a month ago, no case, no bend. Carry it it my front pocket all the time, even when sitting, though I do not wear skinny jeans.


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Jul 23, 2009
5 weeks tomorrow with my iPhone 6 Plus....no bend....phone feels sturdy in the hand...don't understand how all these people are claiming they bent theirs in their pockets by magic.

someone is lying and it's not me!


funny the bent votes are mostly from newbies.....:rolleyes:
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