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Jun 7, 2011
My iPhone 6S Plus has started to act awkward when using it outside. As one who lives in Norway with temperatures ranging from 0-20 degrees celsius during the winter I have gotten accustomed to the fact that the iPhone does not fare well in cold weather if you are trying to use it outside your clothing, especially without any casing on it that might prevent the aluminum to get blistering cold.

But I'm starting to get somewhat frustrated with my iPhone 6S Plus as it behaves awkwardly even when its 8-14 degrees celsius outside. This is what I would call normal weather conditions for any phone to be capable of handling.

When I'm on my bicycle to and from work my iPhone 6S Plus will just go black at random. It doesn't really matter if the battery is at 100%, 50% or 10%. It will simply go black and I have to wait for about 45 seconds to 2 minutes before I'm able to turn it back on and then it will go black within 2 minutes again. All this without getting the normal your out of battery symbol on the display.

I figured it might have something to do with the wind while biking and the cold wind cooling down the aluminium, even though it's on the bicycle secure stand within a weatherproof case. What's even more funny is that as long as I keep my podcast/music playing without touching the phone it will normally do just fine, but as soon as I start unlocking it and trying to do anything on it it will go black.

But today things escalated further. I was taking my iPhone 6S Plus for a jog, and it's 11 degrees celsius outside and within 2 minutes the phone goes black and now I get the usual your out of battery icon on the display. Doing the home+power button to restart makes it boot again but it will go black and show the your out of battery within the next minute or so. So it's next to useless outside, even in 11 degrees...

When I jog, I don't use any case on my phone. I don't normally use a case. All I got is a protective film on the BACK of the phone to avoid scratches in the aluminium so I can use it "naked" without a case. So I suppose it might get somewhat colder compared to when being in a case when I'm out jogging, but I'm holding the phone in my hand while doing so. One would think my body temperature would at least keep the phone above 0 degrees and it doesn't really feel that cold when it keeps shutting itself down.

It has the same awkward behaviour whereas doing stuff on the phone, like changing tracks and playlists within Apple Music while outside seems to trigger the shut down faster, compared to simply have it locked and play in the background. It does not change anything in terms of temperature, but it's clearly struggling and shutting down more easily when I try to actually use the phone while being outside.

Did the 6S become more sluggish in terms of handling cold weather compared to the iPhone 6, 5S, 5 and 4? I have had all these models and most of them was even capable of handling -5 to -15 degrees during the winter. While my 6S is just all over the place in comparison.


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Jan 25, 2016
Watch TechRax's video on YouTube where he puts an iPhone 6s in liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold, and the puts the same phone in boiling water. it survives surprisingly, Your phone might be faulty
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Feb 8, 2011
my experience is the 6s is not as reliable as the 5 / 5s - my phone shuts off regularly when its around 35 degrees outside especially if my battery is 40% or less- really disappointed in the way Apples reliability is going backwards....


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Sep 11, 2014
I saw in passing on one of the other threads about random shutdowns that there might be a batch of bad batteries causing the problem. At any rate this definitely is not normal behavior.
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Jul 16, 2014
i have had random shutdowns during the last winter (minus C degrees) but your phones should work fine in +C degrees. it is definitely faulty - ask them to replace it.


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Jun 7, 2011
As we have no Apple Retail Stores in Norway I had to send it to a authorized service partner.. They claimed they could not find anything wrong running Apple's extended diagnostics tests..

The very same day I got the phone back I took my 6S Plus along with a 6 Plus on another jog so I could take pictures and videos in case it would still act funny. 30 min jogging in 8 degrees celsius and it shut-down four times and the battery went from 64% down to 2% and after only 2 minutes inside after my jog it jumped back to 45%...

I've sent it in another time with pictures and videos attached. If they reject it this time it will be beyond silly.
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