My iPhone 7+ UPS Struggle

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MH_5, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Sep 9, 2016
    So a little bit of back story. I preordered my 7+ (ATT 128GB Black) at 00:23 and was in the OCT 4th-10th window. The phone was ordered through the IUP and I got bit by the whole address is stuck on the primary ATT account holders deal. Apple put in a request to have that changed, but couldn't (due to the agreement between ATT and CitizensOne) and told me the easiest way around this was to change it through UPS once I received a scan from them. Easy enough - Paid $53 to get it rerouted (only option through myUPS was to pick up at local UPS store or deliver to neighbor, which was unhelpful considering my location is 8 hours away from the original shipping address). Got notification of shipment on 9/19 (made the address change) and was part of the #801crew in Incheon, KR. Many of you experienced the confusion that happened with that group but thats just where my story really began.

    Flash forward to arriving in Alaska.. ahhh that feeling that we've finally made it stateside and things are about to get better; or so I thought. I didnt get lucky to have that friday delivery like most, and even got skipped out on saturday. Come to find out, my phone was only beginning its over 8,000 mile journey through the US.

    Numerous calls and chats with UPS and Apple lent me no new information and only left me more frustrated. I tried to get my UPS charge refunded only for them to accuse me of lying about the charge entirely, then retracted that and told me to wait until it left "pending" because there was nothing they could do until it had been fully processed. They also acknowledged that my package had been "missorted" and that they were unsure where it was going instead of my pick up location, only thing they could do was hope it got scanned again and back in their system. Finally talked to someone new at Apple last night and they provided the help they could and expressed frustration with UPS in this process and said its been a real struggle dealing with them this entire time. Lady also hooked me up with a free lightning dock to "ease my painful experience and bring apple back to good graces".

    Moral of the story - UPS sucks and is largely unaware of whats going on with their system. I honestly wished I would have never tracked my package and it just would have shown up. Would have saved so much heartburn. Glad to have this thing in my hand and that it's out of UPS control!

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    Sep 14, 2016
    Whoa your package went on a USA exploration. My guess is with many millions of packages coming through every day theres a small % that this happens with. So the Louisville depo sent your package the wrong route to IL and it got sent back for it to go on the correct route - It happens, human error. Least they gave you something though! You'd never get that in the UK aha!

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