My iPhone backup is apparently corrupted

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by veruska, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Mail, YouTube and Safari started crashing on my iPhone. Took it to Genius Bar and they gave me a new phone. Once at home, I restored the backup and then the same apps started crashing again. I was told on the Apple Forum that my backup maybe corrupted, even though it was backed up before the problems started.

    I was suggested to forget about the backup and start from scratch.

    I don't have MobileMe on this iPhone.

    I have my photos on iPhoto, I know I can get the apps again from iTunes Store. The only thing I'm really concerned are my contacts. How can I download the contacts to my computer, so that I can import them after I set up the new iPhone. I don't trust that backup/restore thingy anymore and I'm afraid to sync somewhere else and lose it.

    Is there an "export vCard" function that I could use from iPhone?

    Any hint will be mostly appreciated.
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    Apps like TouchCopy (Windows) and PhoneView (Mac) will allow you to save contacts, texts, and voicemail to your computer outside of an iTunes backup. They're worth looking into.

    I believe you can also sync contacts with Gmail, but as I haven't done that personally, I'll defer to someone else on that subject. Good luck though!
  4. err404, Sep 19, 2011
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    Try a reset on you device. This will wipe much of the configuration data, but not your app data. It has fixed some similar instability issues for my phone in the past w/o needing to resort to a full rebuild.
    Settings->General->Reset all Settings.
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    Thank you, guys. I'll try everything suggested.
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    Both programs definitely usable to the OP, and then he can add all his contacts via compressing them all to a VCard or whatever as he mentioned to Gmail and then set up Gmail as an exchange account.

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