My iPhone Experience - Should Have It Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Locker, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Seeing as stories are coming in thick and fast regarding peoples attempts to get an iPhone this morning, I thought I'd share my experience.

    I set off at 7am to my local shopping centre which has both a O2 store and Carphone Warehouse shop right opposite each other. On the way I noticed another Carphone Warehouse shop which I never knew existed, literally within half a mile of the shopping center - so, rather than potentially queueing to get into the shopping centre I parked up and waited there. 4 people were in front of me in the queue, and after around a 10-15min wait, the doors opened (at approx 8am). The first guy claimed his 16GB iPhone, and that was it... no-more 16GB ones there! I enquired as to whether they knew if the O2 or CFW stores in the shopping centre would have any in and they basically said "No, there's none in town".

    Very disappointed, I headed over to the shopping centre anyway. I was quite surprised to see a significant queue outside the O2 store - but no-one in the CFW one! The O2 store wasn't open yet, and the CFW store had been open since 8. I wondered into the CFW store to be greeted with two enthusiastic guys who let me have a play on their new 3G iPhones and said they only had 8GB ones in stock but could order me a 16GB one for tomorrow.

    To cut what could be a huge story short, after about 10 credit checks which timed out - I was finally told that my credit check was being carried out by actual people, rather than the computer system. An hour-ish later, it had gone through, I signed the contract, received my sim and hey-presto!

    Whilst waiting the CFW guy told me that O2 stores could not upgrade customers, nor allow orders once their stock had been cleared. In fact, he said all advertisements for the iPhone (T-Shirts, Banners in window etc.) needed to be removed from the O2 store once their stock had been cleared and they would continue to run as a "normal shop" with no mention of the iPhone.

    So, hopefully, by mid-day tomorrow I'll have my iPhone 3G! I'm at work, so won't get to use it until the evening, but I persuaded my dad to pick it up for me from the store! I've spent £19.35 on Apps in preperation - so fingers crossed!
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    Jun 16, 2008
    That sucks....hopefully they won't sell out for you.

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