My iPhone fails to complete its back up!

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Goody, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Hi all!
    So today I noticed that my iPhone hadn't back up in almost a week. I connect it to my mac everyday and in-turn allows iTunes to sync my music and apps etc (which it does and still does now) however what is really odd is that it fails its back up!

    When I plug my phone into iTunes (via a USB plugged directly into my mac) is says:

    'There are apps on iPhone which are not in your iTunes library. Would you like to back up these apps from your iPhone?'

    to which I select Back up Apps (same result if I don't click this option).

    My iPhone gets to step 4 of 7 (always completing step 2 which is the full back up!) which is to transfer these purchases/apps and its progress bar never moves and after about half a minute it gives up on the step and moves on to step 5 (which I think is confusing it!) When my iPhone gets to step 7 it disconnects itself thus not creating a back up but syncing everything and gives me this error:

    'iTunes could not back up the iPhone as the iPhone has disconnected'

    I like having a safety net so that I know if my phone breaks I can simply restore and have everything how it was however I currently have no last back up of my phone (after deleting its last in the hopes it would create a fresh working back up) and have run out of ideas!

    Any help would be vastly appreciated thank you.
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    Hard reset iPhone and then try backing up again? (Hold Power and Home buttons and let go when the apple appears on the black screen.)

    Apologies for being obvious if you've already done this.
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    I'm thinking this is the same sort of thing that happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

    What I did was clean up my iTunes app section. Unfortunately, I'm not at my Mac now but it seems like I ended up finding the purchased app list in iTunes and deleting, then re-downloading, the offending apps that wouldn't transfer over from the iPhone.

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