My Iphone got wet but not fully submerged! Help! (Fixed Yipeee!!)

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    Jan 18, 2010
    This is my very first post on this website so i apologise for the lack of introductions. Last night i knocked over a pint of water onto my bedside table the water didn't land on my iPhone but it lay there in the small pool of water for a fair few hours. the phone was still switched on but the screen is really dark, i can still see the icons and can run games etc but it too hard to see whats going on. condensation is round the sides of the screen and on the camera on the back so i thought i would turn off the phone and dry it with a hair dryer. i then switched it back on and low and behold everything was working fine for about 30 seconds then the screen went dark again. i now have it switched off in a bag of rice. am i doing the right thing here or what??


    Having left my iPhone in the bag of rice for 3hrs all of the condensation dissapeared I switched on my phone and it works perfectly thank god. Any body who has an iPhone will understand the panic i went through but all is ok now. Phew!!
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    For other viewers and possibly, but not hopefully, for your own future reference, when you suspect water damage to your phone, be it an iPhone or any other electronic device, never turn it on. First, wipe any water you can get to off with a towel. Then, if possible, remove the battery (not possible on any current generation Apple devices) and lay both the battery and device in rice, fully submerged for about 24 hours. After 24 hours, take it out, remove any rice grains that are stuck to/on the device and replace the battery inside it. A blowdryer is also for a little bit but is no substitute for the rice. Once again, at no time should you power on the device until after the 24 hours in the rice as this may cause the device to short circuit and ruin it completely of any chance of survival.

    Thank you for sharing with us what you did and how you fixed it. For future posts, please remember that there are about 6,000 posts a day on this forum and that it is likely that your question may have been already answered. Perform a quick search on MRoogle before posting a new thread. Thanks!


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