My iPhone has a mild "negative black" effect going on, on one side

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  1. KH8756 macrumors member

    Aug 23, 2009
    Hi. I am a proud owner of the iPhone 3G S. However while watching a video three days ago, I noticed something interesting. During a dark scene I noticed that a small portion of my iPhone's left side of the screen in landscape display (about a little less than half an inch going from the edge of the screen towards the middle) had a very mild "negative black" effect to it. It doesn't look "normal" black like the right side of my screen (which does not suffer from this issue). It looks a little blue-ish. There is a mild(and I do mean mild) negative black effect going on. It looks like this when you look at it head on. When you tilt it slightly to the right it looks normal. I immediately contacted Apple, and at first I didn't know what this issue is called, so I had a hard time explaining to the adviser what I was noticing. Anyways the first adviser didn't really know about this issue, so he wasn't able to assist me much. I called again, to ask if this is normal, or if it isn't, if I should get it replaced. Unfortunately the second adviser also didn't really know about this issue. I called again, and I talked with an adviser that gave me some information. She said that she had noticed the same thing on her iPhone 3G S. Except on hers it was the left side of the screen, in portrait display. At that time I didn't know what this was called so I just told her that the left side of my screen had a blue-ish glow to it. She said that I should take it to an Apple Store and have a genius take a look at it. However I have already taken this phone to my local Apple Store, and the genius that looked at it said that it looked normal. However in the store this negative black effect was not that obvious. And the genius did tilt the phone to the right a little, before telling me that my iPhone is normal. I believe she didn't really pay much attention to it. Anyways is anyone else experiencing a mild form of the negative screen effect on one side or on the entire side of their screen? Could this be a common imperfection of the iPhone screen. If not should I get it replaced? Thank you very much for your time!
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    Aug 23, 2009
    Has anyone else noticed this on their iPhones?
  3. spacemnspiff macrumors 6502a


    Feb 11, 2009
    I have a 3GS. I don't have this problem. My screen is even all the way through.

    I would definitely go again the store and try to create a better situation to emphasize the effect. May be you could load a video to show that.
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    Aug 23, 2009
    Thanks for letting me know your screen isn't like mine. I am going to go to the Apple Store again and show my iPhone to a few geniuses, and hopefully get a replacement.

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