My iphone is not working! don't know what happened to it

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    Sep 4, 2012
    Please i need help! my iphone is not working, i think its out of warranty because its like 2 years old, i bought it from a friend that bought it from at&t and i can't just go buy another one! its weird but my iphone was working good till it died but for low battery like always then i put it to charge and it wouldn't charge it was stuck on the red battery screen and i couldn't turn it on. i tried with diferent usb cables and connecting it to the pc but it wouldn't charge i gave up trying to charge it and left it alone all night, the next day i tried again and now it showed the apple logo so i was happy i tough it was turning on and it did but just to a screen saying connect to itunes, and it only let me do emergency calls, then i try to connect it to itunes and when i plug it out of the wall charger to connect it to my mac it turns off imediatly like it has no battery to hold on i connect it to my mac and it never turns on not even to the connect to itunes screen, all it does is show the apple logo for like 5 seconds and turns off over and over again, when its like that i can put it in recovery mode to make a restore but when i try to make the restore i get error 2001. now i don't know what alse to do. it would be weird if the problem was the battery because the battery was changed like 8 months ago and till now it was working good it lasted all day or most of the day if i used it a lot.
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    Run software update to make sure you're running the latest version of itunes. Restart the computer and try again. I'd also plug your phone into the wall and let it charge for while instead of through the computer.
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    Try these...

    Here are some instructions from :apple:'s site.
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    I've tried everything and nothing works

    I've tried everything already and nothing works it still shows the 2001 error i really don't know what to do now, i think my iphone just died or i need to take it somewhere to see if someone pro can get it fixed but in my country it might turn out really expensive :( thanks for the help though

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