My iPhone made a call by itself today....

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by ascender, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Was heading out today, so took my phone with me, got in the car and put it on a small shelf on the centre console as normal. Its protected with the 4 digit pin and I hadn't used it today since removing from the charging cradle.

    Reached the shop after about 10 minutes and as I was walking away from the car I got a call from a number not in my contacts. He said that I'd dialed his landline about 5 minutes previous, but all he could hear was the background noise of the car interior. It was pretty obvious it was my car as I had some metal clanking around in the boot.

    Anyway, he said that he just hung up but couldn't call from the landline as the connection was still open. So he used his mobile to call mine as it was on his caller display.

    After he hung up, I checked my recent calls and there was his landline number. Its not a number I have in my address book and the phone wasn't unlocked in my pocket, so its not like I could have accidentally made the call. I don't have any bluetooth devices paired to the phone just now and its not jailbreaked.

    So, what the hell just happened????


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    hmm...i have heard of touch screen defects where the touch sensor part of the phone, (whatever they call it i forget), has bad strips. if you look up possessed iphone on youtube there should be some videos about it. the touch screen clicks on its own, so i guess while you were in the store, it got ur pin, somehow, and called the guy. it happens. also did you receive a text from someone you didnt know that had like a cube in it? if you did your iphone has been hacked, and i dont think a restore can fix this either. so maybe try taking it to apple and explaining what happened to them.
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    If it's a one off I doubt you will figure it out.

    Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago:

    Some bloke calls my iPhone saying why did I just call him and hang up?

    I point out that i'd remember if I called him.( and there was no call on my recents)

    He points out that how would he have my number on his in-calls if I didn't call him.

    We exchanged 'plesentaries' before hanging up.

    I just figured it was a network fault.
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    Dec 8, 2005
    Thanks for the replies. No, nothing strange had happened before this, so I guess its just a one-off.

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