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    Hey guys. I know many of you have the iPhone 3GS, but I know some of you might still be waiting or deciding.

    I put up my little iPhone 3GS review on my blog I just started. SpaceKitty recommended I just post it here. Go to my website for more info:

    So here you go:


    Many people might not have been too thrilled when the iPhone 3GS was released earlier this summer. The lack of physical change and common perception of a slight speed upgrade ignited many users not to upgrade.

    But the iPhone 3GS is much more than a slight speed upgrade. An improved camera, video recording, improved GPS with the addition of a compass, voice control, oleophobic screen coating, and a speed upgrade that proved to be significant in my observations, have this marked as the best iPhone yet. And it’s not even close.


    Since speed is in the name of the iPhone 3GS, it only makes sense to talk about that first. In my basic testing with the phone, I found it to load webpages about 2-3x faster than my iPhone 3G. I loaded up a few applications like my Y! Fantasy Sports app and it loads noticeably faster.

    I don’t have any fancy benchmarks to show you the speed differences, you can find those on sites like Macworld or Gizmodo, but the swiftness of opening applications and surfing the web make this iPhone much faster than previous ones.

    The graphics of the iPhone 3GS make a difference also. Real Soccer 2009 and Need For Speed are smoother than on the iPhone 3G. Any game should run better if capable on the new phone.

    Those upgrading from an original iPhone will be thrilled with the speed difference.


    Perhaps the most important upgrade for many people is the camera, which now sports a 3-megapixel sensor and the ability to autofocus, autoexpose, autowhitebalance and auto pretty much everything.

    My snapshots have found this camera to be slightly better. It is still hard to get a great shot with a moving subject and a moving hand, but it is easier to get a good photo when both are still.

    You can now tap to focus and that is a plus. Reading small text and barcodes are now doable with the autofocusing of the iPhone 3GS. It’s up to developers like Amazon to really deliver with a barcode reader app that will make ordering from Amazon even easier.

    Video recording on iPhone 3GS is how you would think it should be. You simply swipe the slider to the right to record video and begin recording once you press the shutter. I would advise recording in landscape mode, because the video on an upright phone will surely look very vertical when viewing it on a computer or YouTube.

    Video editing is simple and slick. You basically just have the scrubbing options to trim a video, but it still makes for a better complete video. And it’s just as easy to upload any video you shoot and edit to YouTube or MobileMe, you click the ‘Send’ icon on the left and there will be the appropriate options. If you live in the USA, you will be able to send a video via MMS once AT&T activates it. Most everyone else should be able to do that now.

    Voice Control

    The ability of voice control has been in many other phones and the iPhone 3GS finally gets it. Not only can your voice control who you dial, but you can control various iPod functions.

    In my few weeks with the phone, I haven’t used Voice Control all that often, though in the times I have used it, it has worked well.


    Many people laughed at the addition of a compass on the iPhone 3GS, but it does have some uses, primarily in the Maps app. When you are in Maps, you can tap the location button twice and the map will rotate to the direction you are facing.

    Aside from that, this is another upgrade where developers will likely make the most of it with various applications that use it.

    3.0 Software

    This isn’t an iPhone 3.0 software update review, but iPhone 3GS is where the 3.0 software update shines.

    You can cut, copy, and paste, search via Spotlight, voice record, push and much more. It’s a solid update for the iPhone platform and fills virtually all the holes that plagued the iPhone from the beginning.


    The storage capacity on iPhone 3GS seems to be the forgotten upgrade. You can now get a 32GB iPhone. This is a welcomed addition and with more and more apps in the App Store and the ability to shoot video, it will be needed.

    Final Thoughts

    iPhone 3GS is definitely the best iPhone Apple has created. While some might not think this upgrade is worthy of replacing their 3G model, I think as the year moves forward we will find this upgrade to be far more valuable. Developers will now take advantage of 3GS improvements and will push it to the limit. This means the 3GS will seem even faster with newer applications that take advantage of the hardware.

    If you’re an iPhone 3G or original iPhone user who wishes they could record video, take slightly better photos or voice dial, now is the time to upgrade. If you seem to be waiting as your iPhone browses the Internet or loads apps, the 3GS will be a dramatic improvement.

    I highly recommend buying the 3GS is you can qualify for the $199/299 prices. Just sell your old phone on eBay and you will basically come out even.
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    How about just posting it here since this is a forum? I won't click through to someones blog to read a review and many others won't either.
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    hmm. it's one link, and it's kinda long. but ok.

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