My Iphone screen cracks and replaceable?

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    I put my iphone on the bathroom sink on the smooth surface and it fell by itself on the floor about 3 feet high. My iphone LCD screen has hair line crack inside but outside the glass cover is not crack. Lucky for iphone. Then the screen appears spread white over the time slowly to enlarge. It is functional and able to use to tap at left bottom corner. Now it is harder to see icon or whatever at that corner. Please see the two photo I attached.

    I do not have Applecare as i should have bought it. It is over 15 months old. I want to know where can I find part for replace new LCD screen? Is it easy to replace it by myself? Do you know the cost for just LCD screen? Any body has know the website where I can get?

    If it costs too much, then I will wait until my contract expire and buy next version iphone. I hope that I will able to get iphone through verizon instead of at and t because of better coverage in Wisconsin. I can give my iphone to my 3 years old daughter to play games on my old broken iphone.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Replacement LCD screens for iPhones (assuming it's a 3G) can be found here.

    Check out for how to take it apart.

    Check out google and MRoogle to search similar threads.
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