my iPhone Story..with happy ending

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Eric Lewis, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Eric Lewis

    Feb 4, 2007
    CANADA? eh?
    Since i found out about the iPhone I waited patiently for the iPhone to come to Canada. I waited and never will come..i realized...

    I went down to the states in October and bought my self an iPhone for 399 with 1.1.1 and unlocked it. I loved it so much. No more iPod and Razr together. I loved the calender and SMS texting, and of course youtube. After 1.1.2 came out..many of the iPhone prices on Kijijiji went way up and ebay went up for unlocked.

    I decided that I would sell my iPhone and i sold it for 600..which i made almost 200bucks (well 175 to be exact) and i thought that was amazing. I really at first missed it but i eventually got over it.

    In the mean time I purchased a blackberry 8800 for texting(full sized keyboard) for around 250 and it was around 1 month old. At first I loved was almost as great as the iPhone.

    So last week my dad bought an iPod Touch for himself to use as a PDA..with his email, and contacts, and internet.. to use in vactions instead of bringing his laptop...and so as i was setting it up for really then missed my iPhone...i really did!

    So i decided that i would sell my Blackberry 8800 for 200 bucks to my friend and then purchase an iPhone again. This will cost me like 225 dollars... After i take away the money from the profit of selling it...around 50 bucks to upgrade...

    Now im getting my iPhone on friday..and im so exicted to finially get it back...i missed that darn thing..and i truly have no idea why i sold it? i used it 24/7

    So yeah..thats love for an iPhone
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    Jul 22, 2005
    Boston, MA
    nice to see an iPhone story with a happy ending. Did you get one of the new 16gigs?

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