My iPhone Sucks... Help??

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by rockandroll556, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Nov 6, 2006
    So I was extremely excited to get this phone, but my experience thus far has been absolutely horrible.

    First of all, I only get about half of the texts that are sent to me by people without AT&T. Ive called AT&T multiple times, but nothing has helped me. I text a lot, and this is and has been a huge problem for me.

    My service is also absolutely horrible. It constantly goes from full service to minimum service... the service basically jumps all over the place, which causes horrible call quality, dropped calls, and inability to make/recieve calls (sometimes when people call me it says my number does not exist... pretty damn weird). I live in Los Angeles, and there's no way the service should be this bad (I had Verizon before, and theres really no comparison). When not on 3g, it sounds like something inside of the earpiece constantly buzzes during calls. Its loud, and makes talking with my ear to the phone unbelievably uncomfortable.

    Furthermore, there is lots of lag using normal phone functions (texting, contacts, etc), dust has gotten under the top layer of glass and over the actual screen, and the button on the front of the phone no longer clicks when I push it (and subsequently sometimes doesnt work).

    Ive taken the phone into the apple store, and of course it worked fine so they wouldnt give me a new one. This phone is under a month old though, and I dont feel I can justify staying with this phone/service. The phone is basically unusable as a phone (at best, a HIGHLY unreliable phone).

    Has anybody had any similar problems? I cant imagine everybodys phone is like mine, or else I feel that people would hate the iphone. Anybody have any tips/advice? Thanks
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    Jul 13, 2008
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    First and foremost, if dust has gotten under the screen that is a manufacturing defect. If the Home button isn't working properly then that is also a defect. I would DEMAND they give me a new phone if it were me. Did you tell them about those 2 issues? (the dust under screen and button issue?)

    The manufacturing defect aside, in 2 days Apple is releasing firmware 2.1 for the iPhone. It is supposed to fix a number of bugs, issues with dropped calls among other things. I would suggest waiting 2 days and installing 2.1 when it is released to see if that fixes your issues.

    I have had my iPhone 3G since August 8th and while I have had other issues (3rd party apps not loading, text entry lag) I haven't had any issues with dropped calls or problems with texting. I don't get that buzzing you mentioned either. If I were you and 2.1 didn't fix those issues to my satisfaction, I would demand they give me a new phone. If they refuse, then I would return it for a refund. I think you may have to pay a 10 or 15% restocking fee but at least you will get most of your money back.
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    Jul 24, 2008
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    If you are not satisfied and cannot get resolution you should take advantage of the 30 day cancellation policy. After 30 days you have little leverage and it becomes your problem.
  4. thaevster macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2007
    txting issues

    I'm not sure about the other problems with calling but I too am having unreliable txt problems. I text a lot as well and granted I have the original iPhone but it takes anywhere from 20 mins to an hour plus for people to receive my text messages which is really not cool.

    Before I got my iPhone I had alltel and god did they suck. I had a razor and called the customer service almost every three weeks because my text messages were so slow they were basically unusable. I've always felt like if I have to pay extra for a service, shouldn't that service be usable?? I don't send excessive numbers of txts or anything averaging somewhere around 1200 shared incoming/outgoing a month...

    Anyone else having slow text issues? Mainly with verizon/other carriers???

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