My Iphone was stolen, dont know what to do now

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tchurch21, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. tchurch21 macrumors newbie

    Dec 9, 2009
    Hey all, so while I was at the gym tonight someone stole my BRAND new 3G Iphone out of my locker. As I'm knew to AT&T and have never had to report a phone stolen before, I was hoping I could get a few questions answered.

    1. First thing I did was report it stolen and I'm curious if anyone knows if either at&t or apple does anything about a stolen phone for example covered under warranty?

    2. I was hoping that once I reported it stolen that whomever stole it wouldn't be able to use it, even the Ipod part of it, just to encourage them to give it back to the gym and I can find it in lost and found. lol... I'm a dreamer :)

    3. Also I know they cant make out going calls but if I call it constantly or have friends send it text messages to bother the thief will they actually receive them?

    3. Just in case they dont actually give it back to the gym is there anything or any other way to get it back? And if not whats the cheapest and best way to find a new one since i'm not about to pay 500 dollars for a new one.

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated as I'm really bummed this happened, all your guys help is greatly appreciated and hopefully I can find away to get it back! Thanks again!
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    Jun 16, 2008
    They won't do anything, as it isn't covered at all. The best they can do is suspend the number and disable it by IMEI. See below.

    Key question: Did you supply a passcode to the phone? If so, they won't be able to do anything except make emergency phone calls on it, and not even that, if you had the account suspended.

    If you suspended the account, they won't. The reason I'm asking on that is because you will still get charged and billed for the calls/texts/purchases if you don't let ATT know that it's stolen. You'd need to dispute each and every charge that you didn't do. Once it was stolen, if you had the account suspended, you could go over the bill up to that point and verify that everything there is correct.

    Here is where MobileMe comes in. If something like this happens, you could use the tracking part of MobileMe to track your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mac to an approximate location. Combined with a police report, they can go in and get the phone back for you.

    An alternate thing you could do if you're on a Family plan, is activate a new line in that plan, and get the iPhone with that. It will be a new number. If you have another non-iPhone, you can move service from the stolen iPhone to this number, and cancel the data plan. This will leave you with a 9.99 charge for the duration of the contract (until it gets low enough to pay the ETF, then you could pay the ETF outright).

    Cheap way to get an iPhone (even if it's a $49 refurb), but it beats paying $600 - $800.


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