my iphone wont charge and my PC doesnt detect it!!!!!!

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  1. mickey2shoes macrumors newbie

    Apr 5, 2009

    I bought my iphone off ebay more than 14 months ago, it was jailbroken and unlocked. 2 months after i bought it while overseas on long stay it just died, wouldnt charge or turn on.

    Recently ive come home and used an old ipod charger (which has the same connecting head but no usb end) to charge the phone and as soon as i hooked it all up BINGO phone came back on.. strange :rolleyes:

    Now it charges and works fine with the ipod charger but the iphone charger doesnt work, ive tested other charges, cradles and usb connectors with my phone but nothings worked. Ive used my iphone charger/usb/cradle with other iphones and it all works, so theres definitley a problem with my iphone and not the equipment...

    I can obviously continue using my iphone and keep charging with my ipod charger but then i cant sync music/videos with itunes (so my 16gig is useless to me right now)

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem???

    ANY HELP would be very very very appreciated!

    right now im like F**K :apple: "nothing but heartache"
    its running firmware 1.1.3
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    Dec 8, 2007
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    I went to ifixit and found this for you. Try it. You are out of warranty anyways.

  3. mickey2shoes thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 5, 2009
    Soldering irons and screw drivers mmmmm?!?!


    Nah that looks a little too complicated for me, and ive contacted ifixit before and a techie told me it sounded like my battery was dead.

    But it obviously isnt dead! cause im using it right now, it still charges using an ipod charger. usb connecter cords for the iphone dont work with it, neither does the original iphone charger..

    Can i restore it somehow without connecting it to my pc?

    Is there any other help/suggestions

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