iPod touch My ipod touch is stuck on the apple logo :((


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Nov 23, 2011
I have an ipod touch (2nd generation). I have to restore it but its not letting me. My ipod had the plug into itunes screen so last night i plugged it in my computer and it was in the restoring process. While in the process it was saying "waiting for ipod" i was waiting for 2+hours so i just left it on for a few more hours. When i went back to look on it nothing happened It was just stuck on the logo screen. After that both my computers are not recognizing my ipod. Now i cant get my ipod off the logo screen no matter how much i turn it on or off plus neither of my computers are recognizing it. :(:(:(:( HELLP please....


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Nov 3, 2011
I remember that there is a thread which discuss about it, you can try to connect with iTunes, and then hold on home and power button till iTunes told you there is an unknown device need to be restored. then restore it. Just my personal experience.
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