iPod My iPod was stolen!


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Sep 2, 2005
Ugh! Stolen this past week from school. I teach a summer math program and had my iPod with me in my room and left in on my desk overnight. My room was locked and the only people who had access to my room was the overnight custodians. What a coincidence that our custodians are hired from a private company and my school district has not renewed their contract and they are effectively done working this week. I totally have no proof and have talked to my principal about it and she said that there isn't much she can do. She has told the head administrator of the custodians and he said he would look into it. That will no doubt go nowhere fast.

Frustrating. It was the old 20g iPod photo and it had on it my nice $100 vibes ear phones. :(


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May 25, 2006
Arlington VA
Bummer, hopefully you will find some way to catch who did it :)

The lesson to learn here is to not leave anything you don't wanna lose or have stolen at school/work/in the car.

Why does it seem like most everyone has a horror story from a cleaning service, be it a maid, custodian, or someone else?

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Aug 9, 2007
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noooooooooooooooooo :eek:

that sucks!

: ' (

I'm a student and i always keep my iPod in my front pocket!

well i know people who have had theirs stolen because they're so valuable even if it only is a 20gb ;)

well you'll have an excuse to get a 6G due out in mid-late sept :D


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Apr 28, 2006
Too bad booby traps are illegal in many states.

Hmmm. A head shot would make me feel better. :p

This entitlement bull crap has to stop. :D It is bad for the country.


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Feb 17, 2005
You still have one more day before they finish work at the school? There is one thing you could do for evidence. A sting operation.

Find out which cleaner was cleaning that room; they each get designated to separate areas of the school. Pick one of the other rooms he/she cleans close by - but not the same one - and plant another mp3 player (not too obvious, but not too hidden) and find out the times that room is supposed to be cleaned. See if the principle or another staff member will stay with you (there is always someone who is still late. I teach, and I'm often still around when the cleaners come), and spy on her when she's finished cleaning that room then when she's moved to cleaning another room go check if the mp3 player is still there. If it isn't, approach her with the member of staff and demand for it back. If she gives it back demand for your iPod back immediately or you'll press charges.

It would be easier to do if you had more time, but like you say, they're leaving this week. Either way you've learned your lesson (pun not intended) about leaving your iPod in a classroom.