My ISP? My Airport Card? Safari? Help Please.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Samarium, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Hello everyone. Ill first start describing how I connect to the internet. First the cable from my ISP modem connects to the first wireless router, gives ethernet access to a desktop on the first floor, another ethernet cable goes from the first wireless router to the second router on the second floor. The second wireless router gives wireless access to me and my sister only at night when she comes from work. The rest of the day, I am the only one using the internet which we have a 1.5mb connection. Here is SpeedTest Result. So I am receiving what I should from the ISP, but the loading times for pages like Google/Engadget/Facebook/MacRumor's is huge- It took me like 5 min's to load the "Post New Thread". So I dont understand why It is taking too long to load simple webpages that before with my other connection (512kb) didnt take as much as now. But what makes me wonder is why when I download someting from the internet the speed is twice as much, as what I downloaded before with my last ISP. So I really dont understand what is happening, any sugestions anyone?

    EDIT: I use Safari 3.1.1 I am downloading Firefox.

    Firefox seems to be a little faster, but still not as much as it should be.
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    get rid of first router and only go with wireless router.

    you should get a signal anywhere in the house or set up the wireless router to be a wireless bridge, which can be done by going into the router settings.

    Home networks only need one router with wireless signal at least 60 feet from router.

    put wireless router downstairs where other router is.


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