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    Jun 22, 2009
    Well I live in canada and I can only get 2 isp's
    You guys in the us have it good!

    But I was on the phone with them as i have been having slow dsl ( Phone line internet)

    I was on hold for a long long time, then got to a guy that could not speck english, That was funny,

    But I was talking to him,

    I asked 4 questions,
    1. Do i have to use bell mail ( Could i use like
    He said, I could use "Mac Mail"
    I then told him, I thought the app was just mail
    Then he told me yes mac mail

    The second question was,
    I am running Mac osx 10.6 server would there be any problem with that?
    he said no but you should be using mac os 9.2.2 or mac os 10.2.8!
    I told him, thoes are older verson of mac os, should i not use the new ones?
    He said no.

    The third question was
    Can i use open dns
    He said no, I asked why, He said bell has dns servers, but I said dns is faster tho, and he thrented to end the call.

    my last one was, Why has not worked for the past week. ( I could not get on the site from my house I had to see most of the news and look a 10.6 from my school) (They blocked apple) :eek:

    But he told me there site is down, then he did some tests on my phone line and what not, and then hung up,

    Is that stupid or what?
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    Feb 22, 2006
    its not really any better Cable atleast for us is decided by counties etc so it can be a hit a miss for example we share a close border line with 2 Cable Companys, Charter and Comcast techinchly Comcast is closer to where we live but how the county has it we have charter wich is the worst ip/cable service ive had when we moved to TN in 06 not counting local channels we had 4 HD Channels we have now gone up to 10 i think were we use to live we had Cablevision aka I/O they have up to atleast up to 100 its pethetic and actaully are current provider is in Chapter 11 last time i heard.
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    May 6, 2009
    Bell is an all around ****** company. Who's your other option?

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