My IT dept complained about my phone for proxy avoidance


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Mar 12, 2009
Houston, TX
Hi All,

I connected my phone to the corporate wifi today, and I immediately got a nasty note from IT saying the IP assigned to my iPhone has hit the threshold for proxy avoidance.

The automated message says:
User name: 
User IP address: [removed]
Threshold (in visits): 20
Category: Proxy Avoidance
Action: Blocked

--Most recent request--
IP address:
Port: 443
I did a search on the IP, and the only thing I can find is list of proxy servers. Why would my phone be communicating with this IP? Could this be due to some rogue app installed via Jailbreak? I can't reconnect the phone until I get this resolved, so I will test this out at home but I'm not sure how I will be able to monitor if it is still hitting the IP. Looks like a restore is in my immediate future to be safe.
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