My iTunes ID became invalid? Can't log in!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by timinbovey, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Oct 26, 2009
    I tunes has worked fine for me for years. Well, iTunes still does, I just can't log into the store to buy any songs, download any apps, etc.

    Worked fine a week ago. Couple days ago I tried to log in, told me my password was wrong, or my id was wrong. I know they were both right. After repeated attempts to get in, I got the "forgot your password? Better click here to get it" message. So, I figured what the heck, clicked and entered my ID and got the "that ID doesn't exist" message. Well, it does. It always has. Tried logging in from both my computer and my ipod. Nada. To confirm it wasn't some weird bugger with my computer or my iPod, both my daughter and my wife successfully logged in with their accounts, no sweat.

    I wrote to iTunes support. Got a message back that basically said "I'm here to help you with your ID (OK, I just made up that id, but for this purpose that will work, although the was what they really told me) please try to log in, and if it doesn't work, use the "fetch your pass word" service to log in. Trouble there is, the ID he mentioned in his reply was NOT my ID! It was not the ID i referenced in my email to support. I have since written back to explain that that is NOT my ID, what my real ID was, and answered a few other questions that they wanted to reset the password. Of course, since I haven't heard a peep back from them.

    What really scares me, is I have used the same ID and password for all my Apple dealings -- posting in their forums, registering software, etc. for the past several years, and now it doesn't work to get into ANYTHING at Apple. I'm wondering about how some other odd ID got connected to me -- or if the guy just boobooed. I wonder about the last purchase on my account for $1.29 that was billed to my CC on the 30th, for a purchase on the 28th, that I don't remember making. The last thing I got thru the Apple store was a free app. So help me if this turns out that I have to cancel a CC because my ID got screwed up with someone elses I'm gonna be torqued off.

    Anyone have similar trouble? Will the tech guys get around to helping me eventually? I assume their flooded with new iPod and iPhone owners having trouble right after the holidays, but still.

    I was also surprised to hear that the support people are apparently not in this country. I thought Apple support was here. If I read the guys email out loud I sound like the Quickie Mart guy on the Simpsons!


    Tim in Bovey
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    Oct 26, 2009
    Following up on my own thread

    UPDATE: Got a note from the same guy at Apple. He changed my password for the user ID that he told me was mine (which wasn't my ID, but one I've never heard of) and sent me the new password information. following his suggestion, I was easily able to log in with that mystery ID, and I changed the password from the one he gave me to a new "secure' one of my own. He also told me he inactivated my CC from the account in case there had been trouble. I can now log in and do my thing just like before, all my account info is there and correct, but it's NOT my ID! I've tried emailing the address that is the new ID, but with no response (don't even know if it's a real email address).

    It would be nice to be able to have an account with my own email address as the ID again, and I have NO CLUE how this happened in the first place, since it's apparently impossible to even CHANGE an ID to something else once it's set.

    Hmm. don't like it. don't like it a bit.

    Tim in Bovey

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