My itunes Nightmare

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by laserfox, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Jan 21, 2008
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    Boxing day I woke up to sync my ipod touch and saw that my entire music library of over 2000 had vanished with nary a trace. I had just moved my library to a hard drive, and was very relieved to find it there. The problem was my playlists. An entire year worth of collecting songs and carefully putting them into playlists according to moods, event, genre and artist was gone. I had over 20 playlists.

    I manually added my hard drive and itunes imported it. The horror continued. Each song was duplicated up to 3 times. I had triple the amount of itunes content! Ok I deleted the librbary, uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and then added the drive again. The duplicity persisted. Sighs.I spent hours and days manually deleting songs, till my fingers ached and my eyes watered. Now came the task of re-building my playlists.

    Naturally I assumed if I connected my ipod, the playlists would just transfer over. Oh no I got the dreaded message, about only been able to sync with one library. Itunes would delete all the content from my ipod touch! To make my nightmare even scarier, I had just bought a couple albums wirelessly from itunes!

    I have also tried importing those xml itunes files and it only added to the duplicity problem. My playlists have been vanquished into the ether.

    I did get an option of transfering recently bought purchases, but it only transfered my apps, not the albums.

    So my question is, can I transfer my new songs before syncing with this *new* library and can I salvage my playlists? Is there a way to back this up to avoid this hellish experience in the future?
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    Nov 16, 2008
    the way iTunes is set up is truly flawed

    If it even suspects you are trying to share files (eg- syncing from 2 computers) it will only let you either delete all of your music from your iPod, and sync it with that library, or do nothing else.

    i'd try googling what you need to know. What i do is add everything i want on my iPod, go into an SSH client, navigate to the music repository with help of the internet, and copy all of those gibberish files. once i do that, i sync the gibberish folders with itunes, and the code works its way out, and i have all my files in iTunes

    this is with music/videos however, i dont know about playlists.

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