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    I'm having some issues with my keyboard that I hope you can help me with.

    I have a standard Apple USB Keyboard attached to my Mac Pro. Yesterday I installed Mountain Lion and some Logitech drivers* for my G500 mouse, and now my keyboard is locked to an American layout.

    When I try to switch to a Norwegian layout, the option is greyed out (see attachment 01.jpg).

    I have tried the Keyboard Setup Assistant. It tells me to press the button on the right side of the left shift-button to identify the keyboard, but when I do, I get an error messag saying the keyboard couldn't be identified.

    The problem is only present after I have logged in, and everything works fine in the OS login-menu.

    Google wasn't any help.

    *The Logitech download installed some sort of unifying software and a Logitech Control Center in my system pref-pane. I have deleted both.

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    I solved the problem.

    Here's how for those interested:

    As I couldn't find anyone with the same problem on google, I suspected the Logitech-drivers to be responsible. I had deleted them, but figured there might be some system files left over.

    So I did a search for "logitech" including both visible and invisible files, as well as system files. Sure enough, a bunch of logitech system files showed up. I deleted everything with "logitech" in the file name, and rebooted. Problem solved.

    I guess the logitech unifying suite thought my G500 mouse was a keyboard.

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