My Letter To Apple


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Feb 3, 2005
Not whining ... just sharing my letter to Apple to give them my feedback about the new iMac. I think its a great product. I just would like to see the option of a matte screen. If anyone else cares to give there feed back to Apple about the iMac, the link is:

Here is my letter I sent. Enjoy!
Dear Apple,

I would like to request the matte screen option brought back to the iMac. I love the form factor, however my preference is with the matte screens. I believe you have done a great job with the new iMac and implementation of the glossy screen, it looks great. I however would like the choice of the matte screen. I make this request because the lack of matte screen is the only reason I will not be purchasing an iMac in the future. Thank you for your time in listening to my concern.