My Little Hero HD (by NCsoft)


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May 24, 2012
Hello everyone,

This is NCsoft mobile business team, and today we are here to let all of you know that our little hero is now available for the iPad!

What critics are saying about My Little Hero:

“There are many titles out there that feel like iPhone games, but My Little Hero is not one of them. It has that shine that is evocative of games on a larger scale, and you'll notice it from the title screen onward.” – Touch Arcade

“… it's endearing and enjoyable enough to melt the heart of even the fiercest cynic.” – Pocket Gamer

"…one of the most promising action/adventure titles to hit the App Store in some time." - IGN Wireless

"…charming and nostalgic look into the iconic childhood hero fantasy." - Gamezebo

Developed by Swedish indie studio ACNE Digital (creators of retro platformer Pizza Boy) and published by NCsoft, My Little Hero invites all players of all ages to the hypnotizing beautiful world where our little hero solves puzzles, find treasures and confront all the enemies of your childhood dreams.

My Little Hero has now come back with full-retina support for the new iPad, so you can now embark upon this cinematic adventure in vivid HD retina graphics and effects. Looking for the true gaming experience? Then you won't miss this opportunity!

Also we have slashed the price of the iphone version of My Little Hero as well, so you can all enjoy both iPhone and iPad version at the same time! :)

Contact us @ at anytime if you have any questions, or just reply to this thread.

Thank you!
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May 24, 2012
Hi i have made an account on this website !
I like to have a latest news and updates of apple and mac products !
I have heard many rumors about apple and mac company !
Are they true ?


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May 13, 2012
I really like this game. It's cute and adorable.
I hope there are more games like this coming up!
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