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Discussion in 'macOS' started by colossus12, Jan 14, 2010.

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    I left my computer asleep while i went to work. I came back later tonight and my macbook uni 2.0 ghz goes nuts! The firewall (in security settings) i had enabled months ago keeps asking me if certain programs should access the internet, apparently my wifi connection is lost and could not be found, and the computer keeps telling me that the date is set on or before the year 2000. I am running 10.6.2 and have not had one problem until this point. I scanned for trojans using iantivirus and everything came up clean. What do you guys think happened? My guess is magic.
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    Let's take one thing at a time...

    What wifi connection do you normally use? I find that I must reset my router from time to time. I think this is caused by something Comcast is doing because every router I have owned has had this problem, including a Time Capsule and even the latest Airport Extreme.

    Scanning for viruses on a Mac is not a priority. If a Mac starts behaving strangely, it's most likely not malware. Do you still have your Snow Leopard DVD? You can spend hours looking for a cause, repairing disk permissions and the like or you can pop in your DVD, do an "archive and install" and come back in half an hour to a machine that still has all your stuff, all your apps and very likely is not messing up any more.

    Reinstalling the OS to fix problems is so Windows. Then there was System Restore. At first, I refused to use these "brute force" methods on OS X, but a few multi-hour sessions with Apple level 2 support convinced me a better use of my time was to simply pop in the DVD and let archive and install bring my system back to normal. But if you want to invest the time, you certainly can investigate the root cause. The reason "send to Apple" is missing when a program crashes now is it is automatic. If you have any "quit unexpectedly" events, Apple already has your crash logs, though they might ask you to send them a system profile log. If you are under Applecare, why not give them a call and let them help you diagnose this. I have found that when I did this, bugs I was experiencing were fixed in System Update a short time later.

    Another thing to consider is a hardware problem. Have you had any kernel panics? A Kernel Panic is a grey screen asking you to hold power to restart your Mac or sometimes you see a message saying "OS X quit unexpectedly" and your machine is already rebooted for you. If you are having kernel panics, there is about a 50/50 chance you are seeing the tip of a hardware iceberg.

    1 - talk to Apple (if you are on Applecare). I think you can still purchase Applecare up to a year after your bought your machine. A unibody macbook is less than a year old, right? I find Applecare to be a good value but YMMV.

    2 - if you are in a hurry, insert your SL dvd and do an archive and install.

    3 - google for "clock reset snow leopard" or "wifi dropped snow leopard" and see if any other users are seeing your issues. You may find that the issues you are seeing are well understood and there is a simple solution. I would particularly focus on any links google points to at

    4 - trojans and viruses are almost nonexistent on OS X and should not be a distraction. The hypothetical way to catch malware on a Mac is by running an app you downloaded from the internet and entering your admin password to let it access your system. If all you have downloaded are reputable apps, you do not have malware. Even if you are getting apps from torrents and p2p, it is possible but still highly unlikely that you caught some OS X malware. Unlike windows which soaks up malware like a sponge, OSX is based on Unix and tends to separate user software from system software and is thus less vulnerable to the kinds of simple attacks that are commonly used against windows. I would focus on natural causes rather than malicious causes for the symptoms you are seeing.

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