My mac is not booted please help me...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mitul1208, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Mar 9, 2013
    I have a Lion 10.7.6 system (on MacBook pro 13" 2011) which doesn't boot anymore after a restart. My HD was encrypted with FileVault ,i had turn off filevault and then decryption of disk was started but accidently i had turn off my laptop and process was interputed and after I click on my username and enter my password, it appears to be logging in but the apple logo turns into sort of a "forbidden" traffic sign, and stops there forever.

    So I booted into Lion Recovery to try and repair permissions, but Disk Utility won't mount my Macintosh HD.when i varify or repair disk,it show unrecognized with error (-69846).i have tried all solution using diskutil command.

    An output from diskutil list recognizes my partition (/dev/disk0s2) as having the type FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF.

    Any way to make my encrypted partition mount?
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    It's probably toast, not the HD but the partition with OS X on it, if you say it suddenly turned off what do you actually mean, a crash, if it crashed in the middle of decrypting the disk it is corrupted and I don't think you can use it again and a reinstall is needed.
    When do you get the stop sign, right at the beginning just after pressing the power button, if so that means the system can not read the disk, most of the time this means or an incompatible OS or permissions set wrong.
    It shows the unrecognised in disk utility because it's in a state which it can not recover from, the way out as I said before is to partition the HD and reinstall.
    Hope you have a backup, if not everything is lost, sorry to have this bad news for you.

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