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Mar 17, 2006
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So ladies and gentlemen,

On Saturday evening (I think) I purchased via Internet:

Product Category: Mac Pro Two 3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon [August 2006]
Configuration: 8GB Kit (4 x 2GB) 667MHz ECC FB-DIMM [Ship Date 08.28.06]

Product Category: iKlear Apple Polish Kit
Configuration: IK-5MCK- iKlear Apple Polish Kit: $23.00

Product Category: SATA Host Adapter
Configuration: Citation se2xp PCI-e Host Adapter: $79.00
Quantity: 2

Product Category: miniG External SATA 4-drive solution
Configuration: miniG 2Tb [7200RPM, 16 Mb Cache]SATA External Drive
This will add to my current setup of:

Mac Pro Quad 3.0Ghz
4 x 512mb RAM
1 x 150gb Western Digital Raptor @ 10,000rpm
3 x 500gb Seagate Barracuda's 16mb cache & 7200rpm in RAID O
2 x Superdrives
1 x Nvidia 7300 (I'm waiting on my 19000XT from Apple:confused: )
1 x 30" Apple Cinema Display
1 x 23" Apple Cinema Display
1 x LaCie FW800 600Gb external drive
1 x LaCie USB2 500Gb external drive
So back to TransIntl. I was originally going to order my ram from OtherWorld Computing. But, in the FINAL seconds before ordering it from OWC, in another Tab'd window on I noticed a small 'notice' saying that TransIntl had the proper FB-DIMM RAM for sale.

So I check out, and wow, even cheaper, I couldn't go wrong. Plus, I was about to buy an Apple Xraid but low & behold I see TransIntl has PCI-E SATA cards:D . So, I check out their miniG solution. I read the specs, it has a very low RPM fan inside--perfect because heat & hard drives don't mix. Then I notice it has an external power supply, beauty! Even less heat for the hard drives. Plus it connects via PCI-Express. This solution is a HECK of a lot cheaper than a Fibre Channel Card and the Xraid, I really don't need all of the Xraids features.

So I also decided to buy some super dee duper expensive iKlear Polish Kit for my screens. I mean $23? Hahaha, just kidding.

So I check out and await my experience with TransIntl. I have *never* dealt with them before or OWC.

I get an e-mail saying my order has been received, then I e-mail back but no response-but I figure it might be a one-way e-mail account so no worries. Then, yesterday afternoon I get a call from a guy (sorry forgot your name! I think the owner?) at TransIntl! A long distance call from Anahim, California to a suburb an hour away from Toronto, Ontario. A+. He tells me what's up and that I'm the first customer outside of the U.S. to get their RAM. He also says he shipped my order Intl. Priority, so it should have been here today, but when I look up my tracking number, it seems FedEx has gone a little bit crazy.

So anyways, I can't wait to get my 'stuff' and test it out:) So order from !


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May 26, 2006
Torrance, CA
That's one big advantage of dealing with small, independent businesses. :) The owners or someone else very high up is usually easily accesible.

Let us know how the RAM works out.


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Feb 26, 2008
Montreal, Canada

Would like to hear some feedback about your experience with this company....I live in Canada too.

How do you like the miniG enclosure? It sure looks good but can you tell us about the build quality.

Also, Have you succeeded with avoiding customs and duties?

Thanks in advance


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Dec 11, 2007
I ordered 8gb last night from, slightly better prices than OWC and $8 shipping . Should be here early next week.

Edit: Sorry I didn't read the part about being in Canada. I'm of little help in that case.