My mac shot me in the eye

Lil Chillbil

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Jan 30, 2012
Ok so I was at my jr high and about to sign out after a long day of fixing computers when I went to get my copy of Tiger from the emac I was working on that was running 10.3.9 I pressed the disc tray open button and the icon popped up But the disc tray did not open. I thought that was weird and went to the other side of the room to clean up some wires. I heard a small click coming from the emac and looked just in time to see the emacs disc drive open violently and the tray broke off the little white door because it opened with such force and the white door flew acrrossed the room and hit me in my right eye.

I got the disc out by using the paper clip trick but I want to know

What the **** is wrong with that emac

Big Bone

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Aug 19, 2009
North Salt Lake
If this story is for real and you really want to know what was going on, I would guess, maybe (and I say this very hesitantly) that your door was somehow jammed shut. When the CD tried to eject it broke the cover off its hinge and the spring in the door helped kick the door away and somehow hit you in the face.

I own several Emacs and I can't imagine this happening for real but hey anything is possible I guess.


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May 4, 2012
Sounds like you've got a... *sunglasses* Bad Apple. (YYYYEEEEEEEEEAH!) :B

All joking aside, this is fairly frightening. I've always wanted an eMac... And it also vaguely reminds me of my mom telling me about the time our old Gateway ejected Lego Island straight through the dining room window. I still have the CD in question, so I doubt this actually happened. :/
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