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Dec 10, 2023
So I purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro (2017) and I received it and it worked perfectly for about 3 days. I am in highschool, so I use this laptop in class. When I left to go to lunch, I closed my laptop (not forcefully because I was in LOVE with this computer because of how nice it was) and went to lunch like usual. My teacher locks the classroom so nobody could have had the chance to touch my laptop. I come back from lunch, and sit down at my desk, open my laptop, I set my phone down on the lower left corner of my laptop by accident, and all of a sudden the screen just goes crazy. Lines and colors everywhere, powering it off didn’t do anything for it, and I was devastated.

The company said I damaged it, but I don’t understand how that could have happened. I don’t want to pay $400 to fix the LCD, and the company says I damaged the laptop, when I and positive a MacBook Pro should be able to handle a phone being set on it for a maximum of 5 seconds without having the LCD go crazy.


Sep 20, 2013
2016/2017 MBP 13 models are notorious for display issues. A PCB board heats up and fails or the internal display cable crimps when open/close the display. Look up “Stage Light” or “Flexgate”. Looks to me like the display cable issue. You should argue. If you paid with a credit card, talk to your card issuer and dispute the charges based on faulty/damaged product. If you did not cause physical damage, you did not cause the issue. No warranty or return window? Did you buy this off the back of a van in a parking lot?
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