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Jan 14, 2022
I have an early 2015 MacBook Pro retina and I tried to install MacOS Monterey a few days ago. while it was updating throughout the night I came downstairs to see if the update had finished and now my Mac just makes a continuous beeping noise and the screen is just pitch black. I have tried to look online and so various things like entering safe mode, SMC,nvram etc and nothing has worked. Can anyone help me


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Feb 17, 2008
Fort Worth, Texas
What does continuous beeping mean?

One long, continuous beep generally means that there is a hardware problem – often memory related – that can prevent your computer from starting up at all. ... In a worst-case scenario, your computer is experiencing a major hardware malfunction that will require repair or replacement.

It could also indicate a graphics chipset failure. (If your 2015 has dual graphics.)


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Feb 20, 2009
Before going any further, you need to try this.
(I'd suggest you try it right now):

Try booting to INTERNET recovery:

You'll need your wifi password.
The internet utilities take a while to load, be patient.

Does this work for you?
Or still.... no boot ??

If it still won't boot, just beeps...
I'm thinking that something may have gone wrong with firmware during the "upgrade" you tried.

Sounds like it's time to make an appointment with the genius bar at the nearest Apple Store and let them have a look at it...

Does this 2015 MBP still have the factory-installed SSD?
Or... has it been replaced with a 3rd-party SSD?
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