My Macbook is Sick!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by CatherineLW, Mar 20, 2012.

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    My 2009 Macbook Pro (13') is sick. It's having problems booting up - very slow. It's also having problems displaying graphics and layouts on my web browsers (Firefox and Safari) I'm only getting links and text when using multiple tabs. I'm having to restart repeatedly throughout the day and when I'm away and the screensaver starts it takes forever to "turn back on" or display the login screen. I ran Verify Disk from the disc utilities and got this error message:

    This disk needs to be repaired. Start up your computer with another disk (such as your Mac OS X installation disc), and then use Disk Utility to repair this disk.

    I'd be happy to oblige, but I am running OS X Lion and as you know, that was a download. I do not possess an installation disc. I'm very new to the forum but I am also very desperate. I use the macbook for consults with clients, etc. and need for it to be healthy!

    Any ideas on how to fix it? Anyone know where I can get an installation disc for free? Any help you folks can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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