my macbook keeps freezing

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jackiecanev2, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Jul 6, 2007
    Ok. So I've run into a little problem. I installed PeerGuardian and Growl, and my macbook was in regular laptop mode, everything seemed fine. I also finally picked up a wireless keyboard and mouse, and got around to putting my macbook into clamshell mode to my external monitor.

    About 10 minutes into using it in clamshell mode, I started getting the beachball, and everything would freeze up. Mind you, I was just using NeoOffice and the internet, and I have 4gb ram (3.3, whatevs) so it shouldn't have had any problem whatsoever. I uninstalled (slowly and paintfully, what with the freezing at every little thing, from opening the HD folder to restarting). It seemed a little better at first, and then starting freezing up again. I took it out of clamshell mode, and when I just use it straight away without any peripherals, it seems to be ok.

    I've tried isolating it down; the external works just fine in mirror mode without the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse seem to work just fine as external devices when running in regular laptop mode without the external. Growl and PeerGuardian were uninstalled correctly, so they should no longer be a problem.

    But somehow, all together, my system goes a bit wonky. OH. And when it's in clamshell to external with the keyboard, etc, my hard drive starts clicking, which is something i've NEVER heard it do when its being used as a regular laptop.

    SO, if someone has any thoughts or ideas, or can weed through this (because i'm quite certain a lot of this is extraneous information)... help me? :confused:
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    Jun 5, 2007
    My blackbooks hard drive will click soundly a few times (up to 3) when i wake it up with a bluetooth device when its in clamshell. I think its normal. I wouldnt think a constant click is normal. Its like the head is crashing against the disk and it sounds bad but it does it at the store as well I checked it out when i was worried. Now the beachball....thats a problem. Maybe wait to do anything REAL drastic until 10.5 comes out.

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