My MacBook Pro is acting very weird?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by TheSanitist, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Jul 2, 2013

    This is my first time on this site, and I literally made this account so I could see what the problem is with my MacBook Pro, 2011, 13 Inch.
    So it all started when I was cleaning out a few files in my main user account. I use CleanMyMac2 to delete some files, and noticed that there was still a significant amount of storage somewhere. I realized it was my other two user accounts, and they must've had a lot of data on them. So I logged into one, and immediately noticed a problem. It took me about 10 minutes to get logged on to the account, which was a long time for just logging off and on. The thing I noticed first when I logged on was the click delay and general lag. I clicked the finder button, and nothing appeared for a good five minutes. After trying to delete files and clean out storage for ages, it seemed impossible with the lag. So I just forgot about it and logged onto my main account once again.
    Now, keep in mind, I play games on my computer. Not hardcore graphics though. Just Minecraft basically. I also use Boom for my audio output. I watch a whole bunch of movies on my laptop, and the regular maximum sound was very little for movies. So I got this app called Boom which amped your speakers by a whole lot. It had no problem, until now. I can see the little icon up in the menubar, but if I hover my mouse over it, it does the spinning circle thing. I had to open Activity Monitor just for that, and quit the process. I also have to force quit apps daily now, like Chrome, system preferences, and sometimes I have to re-start because Finder won't work properly. After the first couple hours dealing with this, I decided it was because of my old account. Whether it had been a long time since I logged in, or a virus. I went over to System Preferences and clicked on Users and Groups to delete my two accounts (by the way, I'm running Mountain Lion Ver. 10.8?... I believe? I can't be for sure since whenever I click the, "About this mac" button on the apple logo, it never appears. But when I enter my password to make changes on the lock, the spinning circle appears and never goes away, and I eventually have to force quit it. I've done that countless times.
    Also, a long time ago (maybe a year ago), I tried Parallels, Bootcamp, and all that. I was really striving for Windows, and getting a good computer, but at the time, I really couldn't afford it. I tried Parallels and Bootcamp, and bootcamp seemed to work. It worked for a week or so, when my laptop started to get buggy so I just deleted the whole thing. But it's odd. Whenever I boot my laptop up, it goes into the Recovery Drive of Windows, and says, "Drive Not Found" and that's it. I can't go back, and login to Macintosh. So I have to hold down the power button which isn't good for the computer (which I have done at least 20 times today because of freezing) and hold option and click Macintosh.

    As you see, I have a lot of problems with my computer. I'm amazed that my Google Chrome didn't crash yet. I now have Activity Monitor in my dock, because I have to use it to close a lot of programs. Minecraft won't even run anymore, and this is actually the longest it's been without a crash (about 15 minutes).

    Please help me! I use my computer every day, and it's very important for my school work.

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    Dec 3, 2009
    1. Back up your school work right now
    2. Back up anything else that is important right now
    3. Boot in to Recovery Mode
    4. Run the Disk Utility and do both "Repair Disk Permissions" and "Repair Disk". Don't touch the computer while these are running
    5. IF it comes back clean, you Might be OK...but...
    6. Be prepared, if Disk Repair fails, or even if it doesn't but you still have problems, to reinstall OS X from scratch from the Recovery Screen and even be prepared to buy a new hard drive.

    All those hard resets via the power button are not good. I'd start with checking the hard drive as above.

    Just my opinion - if you get a useable machine again, avoid CleanMyMac, Boom, Bootcamp, Parallels etc - just try running it as vanilla as possible.

    Failing all that, take it to an Apple store ;)
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    Nov 16, 2012
    Do you still have Windows in bootcamp? If só boot into Windows and install crystaldiskmanager Its the Best aplication to detect faulty hdd and ssd

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