My MacBook Pro is an Apple hostage!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by saintpl, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. saintpl macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2007
    Hi you guys I would like to tell you my and my MacBook Pro story.

    Purchasing MacBook Pro Warsaw, Poland 1 year ego I did it with belief that I am buying top quality product. Sadly I was about to learn that it has some major flaws making it difficult to use it. To be more specific: broken lcd latch preventing laptop to close properly (4 mm space between), which results in some parts of display being scratched by the rest of the laptop. As a result after 3 months grey spots appeared on LCD, then changed color to black, to finally spread as large grey areas. In the meantime more grey spots appeared. Secondly each time MacBook was switched on and while the system booted it made high pitched sound. The dealer claimed that it’s common for all MacBooks and there is nothing that can be done about it. Thirdly the battery I received with the laptop didn’t last very long. At last I found 16 defects in my MacBook Pro. But about battery I was lucky it was one of those recalled as possibly faulty and I received a new one, which would have been great if the new one was better. Sadly no matter how long it is charged it never exceeds 97%. If that was not enough the airport antenna was faulty as well – MacBook failed to detect an access point, while at exact same spot other laptops had no difficulty with that.

    Both LCD and antenna have been replaced under warranty, but it took 1,5 months due to lack of replacement parts, as for the rest pending to be repaired I’m still waiting for the parts to arrive.

    I make test and it turned out that the new matrix was damaged or improperly it was installed.

    After next month and my e-mails exchange with Executive Relations Europe
    Apple, polish Apple decided to exchange my MBP for new one. They lost my address so they didn't send me any message and guy from UK call me and tell me that my "new" MBP waiting for me in iSpot. I went to iSpot next day to get my "new" MBP, of course I wanted to check and ... "new" MBP has 1/3 same defects as that one which I returned to the exchange 2 weeks early. To MBP which was supposed to be exchanged a writing was enclosed from Apple Poland which they wrote that they would recognize my customer complaint in the whole. I decided not to pick up "new" MBP and I said iSpot manager that he need to inform the right person about it wasn't possible because "new" MBP has the same defects like that on which I returned to the exchange. I said they could refund me money including credit costs or exchange for new MBP (from the newest line) which won't have a defecs. For two weeks, almost every day I call to iSpot manager and I asked abut it and always told me thre is no new... and after two weeks he told me that he had talked with manager of the Service Apple and he ordered to tell me that I have to write the refusal of accepting the computer and they will contact me with their lawyer.

    To sum up seeming one thing products sold by Apple in Poland are of poor quality and nobody are upset by it, what's more for Apple Poland workers regard it as the normal thing.
  2. macgeek77 macrumors regular

    May 24, 2006
    Thats an utter disgrace! Who do these people think they are?? I would write out this hole experience in a letter and send it to Apple saying that you are a good customer and are not recieving proper service. They might get the message. Phew.... I think Apple needs to get their act together!

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