My Macbook Pro Runs Hot


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Jan 5, 2010
The fan runs most of the time now on my 1 year old on my 15" Macbook Pro. Just using Firefox is enough to get it started. When talking on Skype my friends note that my laptop is really noisy. Around the area of the F3 key the laptop aluminium casing is almost too hot to touch much of the time.

I have reinstalled the OS. Reinstalled Windows, upgrading to 7. I have had it tested with diagnostic tools at the Humac store. They say there is nothing wrong. But surely my US$3,500 laptop can do better than this.

Does this sound normal to you guys? Is there anything I can do about it?
I feel stupid taking it back to the Humac store and asking them to test it again.

The thing is that I use another Macbook Pro 15" at work, 6 months old, the model after mine, and it has none of this behaviour.

On another note my battery lasts for an hour at most.


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Dec 5, 2007
Yay Area, CA
Windows doesn't have the power management capabilities as OSX on the MacBook Pro. Therefore, heat and battery will be extremely worse then OSX counterpart.


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Dec 12, 2003
So are you saying the battery only lasts 1 hour under Mac OS X? That is not right.

We need to know about your battery and the activities that your Mac is doing. The CPU might be working too hard, the battery might have gone bad, or something else.

In Mac OS X.....

- charge the computer right up
- go to "About this Mac" > "More Info" > "power"
- post the battery info (mAh and volt numbers)

- go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor
- select CPU usage
- select all processes
- sort by CPU %
- post the average CPU load %
- post the top 3-4 processes and their CPU %

- download & install Istat Nano, a dashboard widget
- set it up to show temperatures
- post your CPU temp and heatsink temp (and GPU temp if it shows it)

Also tell us your what model of MBP you have & CPU speed
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