My Macbook Pro story and what to do next

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    So I started with Macbook Pro 13'' 2015 as my first step into the Apple ecosystem. This one suffered from staingate, however it was still within 2 years eu warranty period so I got the screen replaced. Then few months in after warranty was over the touchpad and the keyboard suddenly stopped working. Resetting SMC & PRAM worked after performing them for like 20 times in a row. Then after 2 days, touchpad and keyboard were both dead again.

    I also got Macbook 12'' 2016 as my non working travel device. Very nice laptop, probably still the best looking to this day. But of couse, it had butterflies... I really cherish my devices, always use microfiber cloth when closing the lid so the keyboard doesn't touch the screen. Never eat around them. They are literally brand new in my care even after years of using, never had a single scratch. Yet certain keys on this macbook got stuck or started printing double letters. So I got rid of it.

    Macbook Pro 13'' had to be replaced due to its HW defect so third time's a charm, I went for Macbook Pro 15'' 2017. Few months in, the "j" key started double printing. Compressed air didn't help macbook 12'' and didn't help here either. So I bashed the key in. Whatever was underneath got crushed and the key started working properly again. Don't have much confidence in the keyboard though. I discovered MacRumors and read about flexgate and honestly, with my current experience with Macboook pros I am 100% sure I will get that too.

    I also had iPad Pro 10,5'' and that one developed a bright spot above home button. I am currently waiting for replacement.

    The only Apple device that didn't develop any HW defects over time is my iPhone 6s which I am holding on to, scared to upgrade and honestly not even wanting to upgrade as the Android phones are now miles ahead. Just look at the P30 Pro. If it wasn't for Apple ecosystem, I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

    To conclude, 4 out of 5 Apple devices developed some sort of HW defect. My friends also use Apple products (far longer than I) and even they started to complain about declining quality. Also went through staingates, malfunctioning keyboards and what not.

    I want to stay on Mac OS. The Win 10 experience is just atrocious. It's a mess where nothing works properly. It has 7 UI themes used randomly acrossed the system. I will never switch to that monstrosity. I used Linux (Ubuntu, Mint) prior Mac OS and it was servicable but more of a DIY project at times. Mac OS, iOS and the whole Apple ecosystem is still light years ahead of competition. The problem is Apple HW is an overpriced crap. I suppose it wasn't always the case. But now they are losing on all fronts except the tablet one.

    I would like to ask you this:
    What are the safest (HW defects wise) devices for each category (computer/tablet/phone) to use? Is maybe Mac mini something I could replace my macbook with and it would work for at least 5 years? Should I go with iPad Air 2019 instead of iPad Pro 2018 due to its "bendgate". I am mostly interested in the ideal Macbook Pro replacement but if you own other devices please share your experience with me.
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    I have to disagree, and given that most businesses use windows, and the majority of home users have windows. Its clear that "nothing works properly" is not a correct statement.

    7 really? Please list them

    Fair enough, that's your decision, you need to decide what is best for you.

    It seems like a sad state of affairs if you need to ask which Mac has the least amount of defects. I think you're looking at the situation wrong, if you've incurred a high level of defects, why are you giving apple more money??

    If you don't have any mobility needs,, then yes the Mac mini could replace a Macbook. MacBook laptops (MBP/MBA/MB) use the butterfly keyboard which makes it prone to failure.

    For me the ideal MBP replacement is the Thinkpad X1 Extreme. Solid build quality, gorgeous 4k screen, keyboard is light years ahead of the butterfly keyboard, heck its even spill proof. The internals are easily upgraded/replaced, i.e., ram SSD, and battery. The machine runs cooler and faster and to top it off it costs less. It does run windows, which is something you hate, so the only other option for you on that machine is Linux as you had mentioned.
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    I think that the 2014 and 2015 15 inch MacBook Pros are the best combination of power and reliability. I have the 2014 since new and it works just fine. I bought a 2015 and it's fine as well. I do need reliability and having two laptops of Apple's best design has worked for me. I tried to buy a third last week but it turned out to be a bait and switch. We have iPhone 6S, 6S+ and 7+ models and they have been fine.

    On Windows laptops - I've been looking at some of the high-end stuff ($3K and up) and the hardware designs are better suited to power users as they are a lot thicker and provide better airflow. They are nice to have at this time - not needs. I would like 17.3 inches, at least a 3K screen and 32 GB of RAM and several of these allow you to go up to 128 GB of RAM. One model allows up to 12 TB SSD - one thing that is nice about these is that SSD speeds are similar to what you see on Amazon for SSD - $100/TB instead of $1,000/TB with Apple.

    I'm not really a fan of Windows, though, but they are getting a little better. I noticed that they changed Windows Update to ask you if you want to wait now. I don't know if it will timeout and just do it if you're not at your desk though. I delay macOS updates for a year or more because that's the work requirement - it takes us a long time to validate an OS. I don't know that this would be an option for Windows.

    I could just use my Mac for work and Windows for my trading (which is where I need all of the horsepower). I am into the Apple ecosystem and depend on iCloud a lot (Notes, Reminders, Calendar, email) but using two laptops would be a viable solution. I also like Apple Mail quite a bit. I suppose I could use Thunderbird on Windows - but the integrated mailbox on Apple Mail just works better. That's due to the lack of resources at Mozilla on Thunderbird.
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    Trust me I don't want to give Apple any more money. Their HW is severely lacking and behind competition, mostly in phone and laptop department. But I have experienced Win 10 and Android and they are certainly not for me. I have win 10 laptop which I use for work as win 10 is a requirement in our corporation. I hate it.

    Something like Apple and Samsung/Huawei fusion would be ideal. Apple would supply SW only.

    Don't want to go the Hackintosh route so what other options I have? None... I have to keep buying their ****** HW.
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    If you need desktop probably you should go for new iMac 2019 especially 27" model, but avoid HDD or Fusion drive, so SSD is the best choice, memory you can upgrade by yourself
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    Would a chromebook fit the bill?

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