My Macbook repair story so far...please help

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by hamzab, Jan 20, 2009.

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    My Macbook (7 months old 4,1 model, 2,4ghz/2gb RAM/250gb HDD) was today taken in for repair;

    It suffered from a range of issues, most notibly:

    1) Faulty LCD - Purple horizontol line going through LCD

    2) Cracked Keyboard, widespread issue, cracking appears where magnet from Lid touches keyboard, this has led to issue 3):

    3) Due to cracked Keyboard, the magnet rests in the crack causing it to dent and scratch the bezel

    4) Loose/bulging side housing - on the left side of the macbook where the two screws are located, if you push it in, it will go in for about 2 or 3 mm, annoying when moving macbook as hand automatically pushes in. This affects the entire left side where the ports are also located but is more of an issue inbetween the two screws

    5) Hinge is VERY loose, so loose that when lifting macbook upwards for about 3 feet (like off a table) the lid will close!

    6) MASSIVE overheating issue, CPU at around 55 degrees celsius after 1 hour of use only simple internet browsing AIRPORT CARD rises to a massive 64 degrees celsius in one hour! After about 2 hours, the CPU will be at 60 degrees and Airport card at 69 degrees! It seriously burns the table man you can feel the heat underneath and this is a thick table

    7) This baby has some major shutdown issue, turns off every 2-3 weeks or so randomly?

    So I went in to the Apple store today with my booked appointment (Not sure if im allowed to name and shame store so I wont) and this is what they told me

    He said about the Faulty LCD that i had somehow applied a lot of pressure to the screen (like pushing it) so it created some sort of wear on it, the line it self is like a purple digital barcode sotrt of thing running nearly the whole horizontol length of the screen

    The Cracked keyboard was replaced but he failed to acknowlege it as poor workmanship but said I had pplied too much wear when closing the lid

    He said the scratched/dented bezel was caused by me even though it rests completly inside the crack of the keyboard

    The loose/bulging side housing was deemed as "normal"? I asked how and he replied the laptops were made like thtat? But why does mine go in 3mm and make a weird noise and could poetentailly cause cracking? Also when plugging in a USB drive it causes it to move in so again how is this my fault?

    The Hinge he said was caused by my over-usage? How can I over use a lid when its primary function is to close? Also why does it close when I dont want it too causing the Laptop to sleep unnessceraily.

    The overheating issue seriously ticked me off, he said it was normal for it to be that hot? SO if its this hot at me doing simple word browsing, how hot will it be when I run Photoshop? He also somehow blamed it being so hot on the Istat Pro Widget? Cmon man are these guys paid to be genius'? How can one small monitoring widget which is simply DISPLAYING information and not CREATING it cause the Mac to get so hot?

    Lastly, the shutdown issue, he opened the Console App in OSX and saw the shutdowns him self, he then said that it was being caused by software, software which he could not define? Why would one piece of software (BTW I have normal appls installed nothing unusual, eg photoshop, Office, Ilife etc) cause the mac to turn off every 2-3 weeks?

    Its due back in 3 days so I dont know what to do? Should I just keep it as it is or ring up applecare/take it back to store? I feel I have a good case against apple and they should help me out, all these issues are poor workmanship, the Laptop rarely leaves the house as it is my primary computer (Im posting this from dad's computer), I have never dropped it, there are only 3 small hairline scratches, 2 on the base, 1 small one near the fan part of the lid.

    Please help guys, any advice tips will be much appreciated, I seriously felt disheartened when I left that Apple store. Why :apple: Why?

    Thanks again

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    To Admin, please delete, sorry for confusion caused, already have another running thread
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